Exciting Plans Are In Store For Taylor & Haley

~ It's such an electric feeling when you find someone who you want to spend the rest of your days with, and Taylor & Haley have certainly found that with each other!  I cannot fully convey to you how proud I am to see my brother (yup, he's my bro!) arrive at one of life's great milestones, and I'm so excited to see what amazing things he and this beautiful girl will accomplish together.  To Taylor and Hayley, congratulations, and I love you both so much! ~

Taylor & Haley Eng-1077Taylor & Haley Eng-1077

Taylor & Haley Eng-1013Taylor & Haley Eng-1013 Taylor & Haley Eng-1006Taylor & Haley Eng-1006 Taylor & Haley Eng-1005Taylor & Haley Eng-1005 Taylor & Haley Eng-1043Taylor & Haley Eng-1043 Taylor & Haley Eng-1050Taylor & Haley Eng-1050 Taylor & Haley Eng-1051Taylor & Haley Eng-1051 Taylor & Haley Eng-1022Taylor & Haley Eng-1022 Taylor & Haley Eng-1018Taylor & Haley Eng-1018


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