Lisa & Drew

~ I often say as photographer, it’s a unique thing that we get to spend the entire day - from beginning to end - with our clients, and we develop a unique bond with them that other vendors do not have the opportunity to do. I’ve known Lisa and Drew for some time now, so I especially cannot convey how fortunate I feel to have been able to spend this...
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~ In the next part of a personal family project, here is Cathy, a woman, and my momma. ~
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Julia and Walter's Wedding

~ One hot July day, the Pacific Northwest was as kind as it could be to two wonderful people. On this hot afternoon, along side family and friends, Julia & Walter took advantage of this gift, and gave themselves to each other. Take a look at their amazing day below! ~
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Mike, a Bow Tie, and a Bicycle

~ In a continuation of an ongoing family project, please meet Mike. If you can't tell, he likes bicycles, bow ties, and I suppose his family a whole lot. We should all try and be a lot more like Mike. ~
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Jacinda & Anthony Wedding

~ Rain and sun and rain and sun - this was one day that Mother Nature just couldn't decide what she wanted! Regardless of what the weather was going to do, it wouldn't stop Jacinda & Anthony from one of the most important and amazing days of their lives. Congratulations guys, I hope your life together continues to be as exciting and surprising as t...
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