Dawn & Janet Keep it Cool at the Admiral Bird

~ I just love Dawn & Janet, and I love the fact that they chose the Admiral Bird to celebrate their engagement!  When they told me they wanted to meet at a coffee shop / flower shop, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but once we got there I saw the fun and quirkiness that they did. These two are just super cute together, and I can't wait to see them again this summer! ~

D&J Engagement-1057D&J Engagement-1057 D&J Engagement-1055D&J Engagement-1055 D&J Engagement-1010D&J Engagement-1010

D&J Engagement-1019D&J Engagement-1019 D&J Engagement-1026D&J Engagement-1026 D&J Engagement-1032D&J Engagement-1032 D&J Engagement-1046D&J Engagement-1046 D&J Engagement-1050D&J Engagement-1050 D&J Engagement-1043D&J Engagement-1043


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