TimmyShoes Photography: Blog https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog en-us (C) TimmyShoes Photography LLC [email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:22:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:22:00 GMT https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/img/s/v-12/u74073159-o1002237437-50.jpg TimmyShoes Photography: Blog https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog 120 80 Lisa & Drew https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2017/10/lisa-drew ~ I often say as photographer, it’s a unique thing that we get to spend the entire day - from beginning to end - with our clients, and we develop a unique bond with them that other vendors do not have the opportunity to do.  I’ve known Lisa and Drew for some time now, so I especially cannot convey how fortunate I feel to have been able to spend this special time with them.  So keep on scrolling down to see all the fun they experienced, and the love they had to share, on this warm and sunny Pacific Northwest summer day! ~

L&D2017-1011L&D2017-1011 L&D2017-1008L&D2017-1008 L&D2017-1018L&D2017-1018 L&D2017-1023L&D2017-1023 L&D2017-1020L&D2017-1020 L&D2017-1022L&D2017-1022 L&D2017-1028L&D2017-1028 L&D2017-1029L&D2017-1029 L&D2017-1031L&D2017-1031 L&D2017-1019L&D2017-1019 L&D2017-1045L&D2017-1045 L&D2017-1057L&D2017-1057 L&D2017-1072L&D2017-1072 L&D2017-1051L&D2017-1051 L&D2017-1059L&D2017-1059 L&D2017-1042L&D2017-1042 L&D2017-1038L&D2017-1038 L&D2017-1037L&D2017-1037 L&D2017-1039L&D2017-1039 L&D2017-1079L&D2017-1079 L&D2017-1081L&D2017-1081 L&D2017-1096L&D2017-1096 L&D2017-1053L&D2017-1053 L&D2017-1054L&D2017-1054 L&D2017-1088L&D2017-1088 L&D2017-1084L&D2017-1084 L&D2017-1092L&D2017-1092 L&D2017-1094L&D2017-1094 L&D2017-1103L&D2017-1103 L&D2017-1105L&D2017-1105 L&D2017-1131L&D2017-1131 L&D2017-1128L&D2017-1128 L&D2017-1124L&D2017-1124 L&D2017-1141L&D2017-1141 L&D2017-1145L&D2017-1145 L&D2017-1148L&D2017-1148 L&D2017-1150L&D2017-1150 L&D2017-1152L&D2017-1152 L&D2017-1153L&D2017-1153 L&D2017-1156L&D2017-1156 L&D2017-1162L&D2017-1162 L&D2017-1165L&D2017-1165 L&D2017-1178L&D2017-1178 L&D2017-1179L&D2017-1179 L&D2017-1182L&D2017-1182 L&D2017-1188L&D2017-1188 L&D2017-1191L&D2017-1191 L&D2017-1195L&D2017-1195 L&D2017-1219L&D2017-1219 L&D2017-1228L&D2017-1228 L&D2017-1221L&D2017-1221 L&D2017-1239L&D2017-1239 L&D2017-1245L&D2017-1245 L&D2017-1249L&D2017-1249 L&D2017-1330L&D2017-1330 L&D2017-1332L&D2017-1332 L&D2017-1335L&D2017-1335 L&D2017-1354L&D2017-1354 L&D2017-1357L&D2017-1357 L&D2017-1359L&D2017-1359 L&D2017-1365L&D2017-1365 L&D2017-1367L&D2017-1367 L&D2017-1369L&D2017-1369 L&D2017-1371L&D2017-1371 L&D2017-1374L&D2017-1374 L&D2017-1382L&D2017-1382 L&D2017-1383L&D2017-1383 L&D2017-1388L&D2017-1388 L&D2017-1389L&D2017-1389 L&D2017-1394L&D2017-1394 L&D2017-1396L&D2017-1396 L&D2017-1399L&D2017-1399 L&D2017-1402L&D2017-1402 L&D2017-1405L&D2017-1405 L&D2017-1409L&D2017-1409 L&D2017-1413L&D2017-1413 L&D2017-1415L&D2017-1415 L&D2017-1417L&D2017-1417 L&D2017-1422L&D2017-1422 L&D2017-1426L&D2017-1426 L&D2017-1434L&D2017-1434 L&D2017-1439L&D2017-1439 L&D2017-1446L&D2017-1446 L&D2017-1450L&D2017-1450 L&D2017-1457L&D2017-1457 L&D2017-1463L&D2017-1463 L&D2017-1465L&D2017-1465 L&D2017-1470L&D2017-1470 L&D2017-1471L&D2017-1471 L&D2017-1472L&D2017-1472 L&D2017-1475L&D2017-1475 L&D2017-1487L&D2017-1487 L&D2017-1489L&D2017-1489 L&D2017-1496L&D2017-1496 L&D2017-1502L&D2017-1502 L&D2017-1511L&D2017-1511 L&D2017-1513L&D2017-1513 L&D2017-1515L&D2017-1515 L&D2017-1518L&D2017-1518 L&D2017-1530L&D2017-1530 L&D2017-1553L&D2017-1553 L&D2017-1555L&D2017-1555 L&D2017-1558L&D2017-1558 L&D2017-1563L&D2017-1563 L&D2017-1570L&D2017-1570 L&D2017-1578L&D2017-1578 L&D2017-1579L&D2017-1579 L&D2017-1580L&D2017-1580 L&D2017-1581L&D2017-1581 L&D2017-1582L&D2017-1582 L&D2017-1588L&D2017-1588 L&D2017-1589L&D2017-1589 L&D2017-1599L&D2017-1599 L&D2017-1601L&D2017-1601 L&D2017-1613L&D2017-1613 L&D2017-1690L&D2017-1690 L&D2017-1686L&D2017-1686 L&D2017-1695L&D2017-1695 L&D2017-1699L&D2017-1699 L&D2017-1718L&D2017-1718 L&D2017-1730L&D2017-1730 L&D2017-1773L&D2017-1773 L&D2017-1777L&D2017-1777 L&D2017-1785L&D2017-1785 L&D2017-1805L&D2017-1805 L&D2017-1794L&D2017-1794 L&D2017-1802L&D2017-1802 L&D2017-1798L&D2017-1798 L&D2017-1813L&D2017-1813 L&D2017-1815L&D2017-1815 L&D2017-1835L&D2017-1835 L&D2017-1845L&D2017-1845 L&D2017-1852L&D2017-1852 L&D2017-1850L&D2017-1850 L&D2017-1851L&D2017-1851 L&D2017-1861L&D2017-1861 L&D2017-1866L&D2017-1866 L&D2017-1867L&D2017-1867 L&D2017-1872L&D2017-1872

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) lakewood pacific northwest summer thornewood castle timmyshoes photography wedding https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2017/10/lisa-drew Fri, 13 Oct 2017 18:59:52 GMT
Momma https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2016/9/Cathy-Woman-Momma  ~ In the next part of a personal family project, here is Cathy, a woman, and my momma. ~

Cathy-1006Cathy-1006 Cathy-1009Cathy-1009 Cathy-1008Cathy-1008 Cathy-1011Cathy-1011 Cathy-1014Cathy-1014 Cathy-1001Cathy-1001

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Chipping Twig Farms Flowers Pacific Northwest Summer TimmyShoes Photography https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2016/9/Cathy-Woman-Momma Tue, 27 Sep 2016 05:23:56 GMT
Julia and Walter's Wedding https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2016/9/julia-and-walter-wedding ~ One hot July day, the Pacific Northwest was as kind as it could be to two wonderful people.  On this hot afternoon, along side family and friends, Julia & Walter took advantage of this gift, and gave themselves to each other.  Take a look at their amazing day below! ~

Walter & Jullia-1001Walter & Jullia-1001Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1012Walter & Jullia-1012Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1014Walter & Jullia-1014Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1113Walter & Jullia-1113Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1023Walter & Jullia-1023Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1019Walter & Jullia-1019Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1025Walter & Jullia-1025Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1028Walter & Jullia-1028Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1032Walter & Jullia-1032Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1034Walter & Jullia-1034Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1035Walter & Jullia-1035Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1039Walter & Jullia-1039Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1042Walter & Jullia-1042Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1047Walter & Jullia-1047Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1048Walter & Jullia-1048Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1057Walter & Jullia-1057Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1058Walter & Jullia-1058Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1060Walter & Jullia-1060Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1065Walter & Jullia-1065Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1078Walter & Jullia-1078Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1084Walter & Jullia-1084Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1093Walter & Jullia-1093Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1100Walter & Jullia-1100Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1098Walter & Jullia-1098Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1105Walter & Jullia-1105Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1111Walter & Jullia-1111Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1110Walter & Jullia-1110Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1075Walter & Jullia-1075Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1139Walter & Jullia-1139Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1140Walter & Jullia-1140Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1145Walter & Jullia-1145Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1153Walter & Jullia-1153Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1160Walter & Jullia-1160Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1119Walter & Jullia-1119Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1126Walter & Jullia-1126Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1171Walter & Jullia-1171Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1233Walter & Jullia-1233Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1251Walter & Jullia-1251Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1254Walter & Jullia-1254Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1270Walter & Jullia-1270Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1279Walter & Jullia-1279Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1180Walter & Jullia-1180Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1183Walter & Jullia-1183Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1186Walter & Jullia-1186Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1192Walter & Jullia-1192Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1205Walter & Jullia-1205Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1210Walter & Jullia-1210Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1223Walter & Jullia-1223Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1224Walter & Jullia-1224Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1272Walter & Jullia-1272Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1286Walter & Jullia-1286Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1287Walter & Jullia-1287Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1290Walter & Jullia-1290Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1328Walter & Jullia-1328Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1336Walter & Jullia-1336Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1390Walter & Jullia-1390Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1393Walter & Jullia-1393Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1439Walter & Jullia-1439Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1452Walter & Jullia-1452Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1549Walter & Jullia-1549Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1552Walter & Jullia-1552Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1565Walter & Jullia-1565Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1567Walter & Jullia-1567Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1570Walter & Jullia-1570Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1568Walter & Jullia-1568Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1578Walter & Jullia-1578Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1593Walter & Jullia-1593Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1596Walter & Jullia-1596Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1600Walter & Jullia-1600Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1702Walter & Jullia-1702Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1711Walter & Jullia-1711Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1725Walter & Jullia-1725Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1729Walter & Jullia-1729Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1736Walter & Jullia-1736Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1756Walter & Jullia-1756Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1759Walter & Jullia-1759Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1761Walter & Jullia-1761Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1803Walter & Jullia-1803Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1819Walter & Jullia-1819Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1823Walter & Jullia-1823Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1834Walter & Jullia-1834Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1842Walter & Jullia-1842Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1788Walter & Jullia-1788Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1929Walter & Jullia-1929Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1934Walter & Jullia-1934Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm Walter & Jullia-1887Walter & Jullia-1887Sidetrack Distillery | Lazy River Farm

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Kent Lazy River Farm Pacific Northwest Summer TimmyShoes Photography Washington Wedding https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2016/9/julia-and-walter-wedding Fri, 23 Sep 2016 04:34:04 GMT
Mike, a Bow Tie, and a Bicycle https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2016/8/mike-a-bow-tie-and-a-bicycle ~ In a continuation of an ongoing family project, please meet Mike.  If you can't tell, he likes bicycles, bow ties, and I suppose his family a whole lot.  We should all try and be a lot more like Mike. ~

MikeM-1058MikeM-1058 MikeM-1053MikeM-1053 MikeM-1041MikeM-1041 MikeM-1020MikeM-1020 MikeM-1031MikeM-1031 MikeM-1029MikeM-1029 MikeM-1014MikeM-1014 MikeM-1063MikeM-1063 MikeM-1066MikeM-1066 MikeM-1011MikeM-1011 MikeM-1045MikeM-1045


[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) B&W Black and White Bow Tie Cycling PNW Pacific Northwest Portrait Summer TimmyShoes Photography https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2016/8/mike-a-bow-tie-and-a-bicycle Tue, 16 Aug 2016 04:53:02 GMT
Jacinda & Anthony Wedding https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2016/8/jacinda-anthony-wedding ~ Rain and sun and rain and sun - this was one day that Mother Nature just couldn't decide what she wanted!  Regardless of what the weather was going to do, it wouldn't stop Jacinda & Anthony from one of the most important and amazing days of their lives.  Congratulations guys, I hope your life together continues to be as exciting and surprising as the way you started it! ~

Jacinda&Anthony-1007Jacinda&Anthony-1007 Jacinda&Anthony-1006Jacinda&Anthony-1006 Jacinda&Anthony-1002Jacinda&Anthony-1002 Jacinda&Anthony-1003Jacinda&Anthony-1003 Jacinda&Anthony-1008Jacinda&Anthony-1008 Jacinda&Anthony-1009Jacinda&Anthony-1009 Jacinda&Anthony-1011Jacinda&Anthony-1011 Jacinda&Anthony-1026Jacinda&Anthony-1026 Jacinda&Anthony-1021Jacinda&Anthony-1021 Jacinda&Anthony-1029Jacinda&Anthony-1029 Jacinda&Anthony-1050Jacinda&Anthony-1050 Jacinda&Anthony-1049Jacinda&Anthony-1049 Jacinda&Anthony-1057Jacinda&Anthony-1057 Jacinda&Anthony-1059Jacinda&Anthony-1059 Jacinda&Anthony-1031Jacinda&Anthony-1031 Jacinda&Anthony-1079Jacinda&Anthony-1079 Jacinda&Anthony-1107Jacinda&Anthony-1107 Jacinda&Anthony-1112Jacinda&Anthony-1112 Jacinda&Anthony-1033Jacinda&Anthony-1033 Jacinda&Anthony-1035Jacinda&Anthony-1035 Jacinda&Anthony-1038Jacinda&Anthony-1038 Jacinda&Anthony-1040Jacinda&Anthony-1040 Jacinda&Anthony-1042Jacinda&Anthony-1042 Jacinda&Anthony-1045Jacinda&Anthony-1045 Jacinda&Anthony-1047Jacinda&Anthony-1047 Jacinda&Anthony-1068Jacinda&Anthony-1068 Jacinda&Anthony-1070Jacinda&Anthony-1070 Jacinda&Anthony-1072Jacinda&Anthony-1072 Jacinda&Anthony-1135Jacinda&Anthony-1135 Jacinda&Anthony-1136Jacinda&Anthony-1136 Jacinda&Anthony-1142Jacinda&Anthony-1142 Jacinda&Anthony-1150Jacinda&Anthony-1150 Jacinda&Anthony-1146Jacinda&Anthony-1146 Jacinda&Anthony-1171Jacinda&Anthony-1171 Jacinda&Anthony-1176Jacinda&Anthony-1176 Jacinda&Anthony-1179Jacinda&Anthony-1179 Jacinda&Anthony-1182Jacinda&Anthony-1182 Jacinda&Anthony-1184Jacinda&Anthony-1184 Jacinda&Anthony-1188Jacinda&Anthony-1188 Jacinda&Anthony-1206Jacinda&Anthony-1206 Jacinda&Anthony-1216Jacinda&Anthony-1216 Jacinda&Anthony-1289Jacinda&Anthony-1289 Jacinda&Anthony-1292Jacinda&Anthony-1292 Jacinda&Anthony-1293Jacinda&Anthony-1293 Jacinda&Anthony-1310Jacinda&Anthony-1310 Jacinda&Anthony-1309Jacinda&Anthony-1309 Jacinda&Anthony-1314Jacinda&Anthony-1314 Jacinda&Anthony-1316Jacinda&Anthony-1316 Jacinda&Anthony-1326Jacinda&Anthony-1326 Jacinda&Anthony-1329Jacinda&Anthony-1329 Jacinda&Anthony-1328Jacinda&Anthony-1328 Jacinda&Anthony-1331Jacinda&Anthony-1331 Jacinda&Anthony-1335Jacinda&Anthony-1335 Jacinda&Anthony-1340Jacinda&Anthony-1340 Jacinda&Anthony-1345Jacinda&Anthony-1345 Jacinda&Anthony-1347Jacinda&Anthony-1347 Jacinda&Anthony-1350Jacinda&Anthony-1350 Jacinda&Anthony-1354Jacinda&Anthony-1354 Jacinda&Anthony-1360Jacinda&Anthony-1360 Jacinda&Anthony-1362Jacinda&Anthony-1362 Jacinda&Anthony-1363Jacinda&Anthony-1363 Jacinda&Anthony-1365Jacinda&Anthony-1365 Jacinda&Anthony-1367Jacinda&Anthony-1367 Jacinda&Anthony-1371Jacinda&Anthony-1371 Jacinda&Anthony-1373Jacinda&Anthony-1373 Jacinda&Anthony-1378Jacinda&Anthony-1378 Jacinda&Anthony-1368Jacinda&Anthony-1368 Jacinda&Anthony-1380Jacinda&Anthony-1380 Jacinda&Anthony-1384Jacinda&Anthony-1384 Jacinda&Anthony-1387Jacinda&Anthony-1387 Jacinda&Anthony-1392Jacinda&Anthony-1392 Jacinda&Anthony-1394Jacinda&Anthony-1394 Jacinda&Anthony-1397Jacinda&Anthony-1397 Jacinda&Anthony-1396Jacinda&Anthony-1396 Jacinda&Anthony-1398Jacinda&Anthony-1398 Jacinda&Anthony-1402Jacinda&Anthony-1402 Jacinda&Anthony-1403Jacinda&Anthony-1403 Jacinda&Anthony-1406Jacinda&Anthony-1406 Jacinda&Anthony-1422Jacinda&Anthony-1422 Jacinda&Anthony-1425Jacinda&Anthony-1425 Jacinda&Anthony-1429Jacinda&Anthony-1429 Jacinda&Anthony-1431Jacinda&Anthony-1431 Jacinda&Anthony-1437Jacinda&Anthony-1437 Jacinda&Anthony-1440Jacinda&Anthony-1440 Jacinda&Anthony-1441Jacinda&Anthony-1441 Jacinda&Anthony-1449Jacinda&Anthony-1449 Jacinda&Anthony-1455Jacinda&Anthony-1455 Jacinda&Anthony-1458Jacinda&Anthony-1458 Jacinda&Anthony-1527Jacinda&Anthony-1527 Jacinda&Anthony-1538Jacinda&Anthony-1538 Jacinda&Anthony-1542Jacinda&Anthony-1542 Jacinda&Anthony-1562Jacinda&Anthony-1562 Jacinda&Anthony-1571Jacinda&Anthony-1571 Jacinda&Anthony-1577Jacinda&Anthony-1577 Jacinda&Anthony-1581Jacinda&Anthony-1581 Jacinda&Anthony-1585Jacinda&Anthony-1585 Jacinda&Anthony-1597Jacinda&Anthony-1597 Jacinda&Anthony-1641Jacinda&Anthony-1641 Jacinda&Anthony-1644Jacinda&Anthony-1644 Jacinda&Anthony-1610Jacinda&Anthony-1610 Jacinda&Anthony-1615Jacinda&Anthony-1615 Jacinda&Anthony-1617Jacinda&Anthony-1617 Jacinda&Anthony-1624Jacinda&Anthony-1624 Jacinda&Anthony-1663Jacinda&Anthony-1663 Jacinda&Anthony-1734Jacinda&Anthony-1734 Jacinda&Anthony-1738Jacinda&Anthony-1738 Jacinda&Anthony-1749Jacinda&Anthony-1749 Jacinda&Anthony-1746Jacinda&Anthony-1746 Jacinda&Anthony-1763Jacinda&Anthony-1763 Jacinda&Anthony-1760Jacinda&Anthony-1760 Jacinda&Anthony-1811Jacinda&Anthony-1811 Jacinda&Anthony-1832Jacinda&Anthony-1832

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Chambers Bay Environmental Services Building Pacific Northwest TimmyShoes Photography University Place Wedding https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2016/8/jacinda-anthony-wedding Wed, 03 Aug 2016 03:57:47 GMT
Nick & Megan Engagement https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2016/7/nick-megan-engagement ~ Nick and Megan are getting married, and they wanted a natural setting to capture something that they could use to share their exciting announcement with everyone.  We took quite an adventurous trek through the woods, to (and into) a river, and culminating in a super sweet "Charlie Brown" reenactment!  Check out their journey below!  ~

Nick-Megan Engagement-1007Nick-Megan Engagement-1007 Nick-Megan Engagement-1005Nick-Megan Engagement-1005 Nick-Megan Engagement-1010Nick-Megan Engagement-1010 Nick-Megan Engagement-1013Nick-Megan Engagement-1013 Nick-Megan Engagement-1016Nick-Megan Engagement-1016 Nick-Megan Engagement-1029Nick-Megan Engagement-1029 Nick-Megan Engagement-1033Nick-Megan Engagement-1033 Nick-Megan Engagement-1045Nick-Megan Engagement-1045 Nick-Megan Engagement-1043Nick-Megan Engagement-1043 Nick-Megan Engagement-1035Nick-Megan Engagement-1035 Nick-Megan Engagement-1049Nick-Megan Engagement-1049 Nick-Megan Engagement-1052Nick-Megan Engagement-1052 Nick-Megan Engagement-1047Nick-Megan Engagement-1047 Nick-Megan Engagement-1056Nick-Megan Engagement-1056 Nick-Megan Engagement-1063Nick-Megan Engagement-1063 Nick-Megan Engagement-1069Nick-Megan Engagement-1069 Nick-Megan Engagement-1070Nick-Megan Engagement-1070 Nick-Megan Engagement-1083Nick-Megan Engagement-1083 Nick-Megan Engagement-1077Nick-Megan Engagement-1077 Nick-Megan Engagement-1085Nick-Megan Engagement-1085 Nick-Megan Engagement-1086Nick-Megan Engagement-1086 Nick-Megan Engagement-1087Nick-Megan Engagement-1087 Nick-Megan Engagement-1088Nick-Megan Engagement-1088 Nick-Megan Engagement-1031Nick-Megan Engagement-1031

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Charlie Brown Engagement Nature Orting Pacific Northwest River TimmyShoes Photography https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2016/7/nick-megan-engagement Fri, 15 Jul 2016 05:24:12 GMT
Terry & Coffee https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2016/5/terry-coffee ~ This is a small part of a family project I'm putting together.  This is Terry and his coffee.  What more is there to say? ~

Terry-1042Terry-1042 Terry-1029Terry-1029 Terry-1008Terry-1008 Terry-1017Terry-1017 Terry-1011Terry-1011 Terry-1023Terry-1023 Terry-1026Terry-1026 Terry-1034Terry-1034 Terry-1040Terry-1040

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) B&W Black and White Coffee PNW Pacific Northwest Portrait Spring TimmyShoes Photography https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2016/5/terry-coffee Tue, 24 May 2016 01:28:29 GMT
Jacinda & Anthony Engagement https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2016/5/jacinda-anthony-engagement ~ Jacinda & Anthony are getting married, so they decided to head down to Point Defiance Park to celebrate the upcoming occasion.  Their personalities are just crazy awesome, I almost can't stand it!  Looking forward to seeing you guys again soon!  ~

Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1049Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1049 Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1055Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1055 Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1047Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1047 Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1039Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1039 Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1034Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1034 Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1028Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1028 Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1041Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1041 Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1065Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1065 Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1067Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1067 Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1103Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1103 Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1071Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1071 Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1075Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1075 Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1080Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1080 Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1092Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1092 Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1095Jacinda & Anthony Engage-1095

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Engagement Gardens Owen Beach Pacific Northwest Point Defiance Park Tacoma TimmyShoes Photography Wedding https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2016/5/jacinda-anthony-engagement Sat, 07 May 2016 03:37:54 GMT
Nine Years Strong https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2016/4/nine-years-strong ~ I've been shooting Riley for several years now, and it really is amazing how much this little guys is quickly growing up.  This year we decided to hit up classic downtown Tacoma, and from checking out the local graffiti, to dancing on the sidewalk, to a rockin' arcade, this kid does it all. ~

Riley 2016-1003Riley 2016-1003 Riley 2016-1016Riley 2016-1016 Riley 2016-1036Riley 2016-1036 Riley 2016-1032Riley 2016-1032 Riley 2016-1051Riley 2016-1051 Riley 2016-1056Riley 2016-1056 Riley 2016-1057Riley 2016-1057 Riley 2016-1058Riley 2016-1058 Riley 2016-1071Riley 2016-1071 Riley 2016-1074Riley 2016-1074

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Downtown PNW Pacific Northwest T-town Tacoma TimmyShoes Photography https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2016/4/nine-years-strong Tue, 05 Apr 2016 18:45:00 GMT
Rock Tribute at Louie G's https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2016/3/rock-tribute-at-louie-gs ~ It's been quite a while since I've had the pleasure of stellar music paired with amazing pizza and beer! Well, Louie G's is still pumping out both, and did so this time with a fine selection of these rock tribute bands!  Check out these talented Green Day, Scorpions, and Rolling Stones tribute bands below. ~


Green Dayz

LG 2-26-2016-1041LG 2-26-2016-1041 LG 2-26-2016-1004LG 2-26-2016-1004 LG 2-26-2016-1024LG 2-26-2016-1024 LG 2-26-2016-1030LG 2-26-2016-1030 LG 2-26-2016-1043LG 2-26-2016-1043 LG 2-26-2016-1016LG 2-26-2016-1016 LG 2-26-2016-1039LG 2-26-2016-1039 LG 2-26-2016-1040LG 2-26-2016-1040 LG 2-26-2016-1027LG 2-26-2016-1027


Second Sting

LG 2-26-2016-1048LG 2-26-2016-1048 LG 2-26-2016-1051LG 2-26-2016-1051 LG 2-26-2016-1055LG 2-26-2016-1055 LG 2-26-2016-1056LG 2-26-2016-1056 LG 2-26-2016-1060LG 2-26-2016-1060 LG 2-26-2016-1074LG 2-26-2016-1074 LG 2-26-2016-1076LG 2-26-2016-1076 LG 2-26-2016-1068LG 2-26-2016-1068 LG 2-26-2016-1072LG 2-26-2016-1072 LG 2-26-2016-1069LG 2-26-2016-1069 LG 2-26-2016-1047LG 2-26-2016-1047


Midnight Rambler

LG 2-26-2016-1082LG 2-26-2016-1082 LG 2-26-2016-1090LG 2-26-2016-1090 LG 2-26-2016-1143LG 2-26-2016-1143 LG 2-26-2016-1126LG 2-26-2016-1126 LG 2-26-2016-1148LG 2-26-2016-1148 LG 2-26-2016-1128LG 2-26-2016-1128 LG 2-26-2016-1132LG 2-26-2016-1132 LG 2-26-2016-1114LG 2-26-2016-1114 LG 2-26-2016-1127LG 2-26-2016-1127 LG 2-26-2016-1146LG 2-26-2016-1146 LG 2-26-2016-1150LG 2-26-2016-1150 LG 2-26-2016-1102LG 2-26-2016-1102 LG 2-26-2016-1100LG 2-26-2016-1100 LG 2-26-2016-1125LG 2-26-2016-1125 LG 2-26-2016-1130LG 2-26-2016-1130

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Cover Bands Fife Green Day Local Music Louie G's Pizza Rolling Stones Scorpions TimmyShoes Photography https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2016/3/rock-tribute-at-louie-gs Thu, 03 Mar 2016 04:40:31 GMT
Walter & Julia at Discovery https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2015/11/walter-julia-at-discovery ~ Walter and Julia are getting married, and when we had an unexpected break in the Seattle weather, we took full advantage of it.  These two are so much fun it's ridiculous, and as we made our way through a late fall jaunt in Discovery Park, we had such an amazing time I couldn't help but find myself getting excited to see them make it official next year!  Cheers guys!  ~

J&W Engage-1005J&W Engage-1005 J&W Engage-1008J&W Engage-1008 J&W Engage-1026J&W Engage-1026 J&W Engage-1031J&W Engage-1031 J&W Engage-1032J&W Engage-1032 J&W Engage-1042J&W Engage-1042 J&W Engage-1043J&W Engage-1043 J&W Engage-1038J&W Engage-1038 J&W Engage-1045J&W Engage-1045 J&W Engage-1050J&W Engage-1050 J&W Engage-1055J&W Engage-1055

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Autumn Discovery Park Engagement Fall Pacific Northwest Seattle TimmyShoes Photography Wedding https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2015/11/walter-julia-at-discovery Tue, 24 Nov 2015 03:41:30 GMT
Dan & Katie Are Engaged https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2015/11/dan-katie-are-engaged ~ Rain in Seattle is certainly considered classic Pacific Northwest weather, but not even this common meteorological occurrence could stop Dan and Katie from celebrating their love for each other, and sharing their excitement for their upcoming nuptials!  Congratulations guys! ~

D&K Engagement-1001D&K Engagement-1001

D&K Engagement-1013D&K Engagement-1013 D&K Engagement-1016D&K Engagement-1016 D&K Engagement-1011D&K Engagement-1011 D&K Engagement-1017D&K Engagement-1017 D&K Engagement-1020D&K Engagement-1020 D&K Engagement-1022D&K Engagement-1022 D&K Engagement-1029D&K Engagement-1029 D&K Engagement-1026D&K Engagement-1026 D&K Engagement-1030D&K Engagement-1030 D&K Engagement-1032D&K Engagement-1032 D&K Engagement-1040D&K Engagement-1040 D&K Engagement-1051D&K Engagement-1051


[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Engagement Pike Place Market Rain Scrabble Seattle TimmyShoes Photography Umbrella Wedding https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2015/11/dan-katie-are-engaged Fri, 13 Nov 2015 06:21:55 GMT
An Unexpected Garden Proposal https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2015/9/an-unexpected-garden-proposal ~ When Brent contacted me saying he wanted to surprise propose to his girlfriend Arille while in town from California, of course I had to be part of this!  Everything fell right into place too; a beautiful garden setting, perfect weather, and a ukulele player!  It was such a special moment to witness, and I am so very happy I was able to be a part of it.  Congratulations Brent and Arille, I wish you a happy journey to your wedding day!  ~

B&A-Proposal-1001B&A-Proposal-1001 B&A-Proposal-1002B&A-Proposal-1002 B&A-Proposal-1003B&A-Proposal-1003 B&A-Proposal-1004B&A-Proposal-1004 B&A-Proposal-1023B&A-Proposal-1023 B&A-Proposal-1024B&A-Proposal-1024 B&A-Proposal-1031B&A-Proposal-1031 B&A-Proposal-1007B&A-Proposal-1007 B&A-Proposal-1046B&A-Proposal-1046 B&A-Proposal-1036B&A-Proposal-1036 B&A-Proposal-1053B&A-Proposal-1053 B&A-Proposal-1069B&A-Proposal-1069 B&A-Proposal-1071B&A-Proposal-1071 B&A-Proposal-1079B&A-Proposal-1079 B&A-Proposal-1083B&A-Proposal-1083 B&A-Proposal-1088B&A-Proposal-1088 B&A-Proposal-1076B&A-Proposal-1076

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Kubota Garden Pacific Northwest Seattle TimmyShoes Photography engagement proposal ukulele wedding https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2015/9/an-unexpected-garden-proposal Sun, 06 Sep 2015 22:00:00 GMT
Holly & Joe at Lazy River Farm https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2015/9/holly-joe-at-lazy-river-farm ~ Holly & Joe are two of the most adventurous people one could have the pleasure to meet, and their wedding was no exception!  From the formation of a fellowship of the ring during their ceremony, to late night drinking & dancing, this was one lively day.  Congratulations you two, you are absolutely amazing, and without any doubt, made for each other.  Here's to the many adventures to come! ~

Holly & Joe-1029Holly & Joe-1029 Holly & Joe-1016Holly & Joe-1016 Holly & Joe-1004Holly & Joe-1004 Holly & Joe-1022Holly & Joe-1022 Holly & Joe-1018Holly & Joe-1018 Holly & Joe-1081Holly & Joe-1081 Holly & Joe-1089Holly & Joe-1089 Holly & Joe-1096Holly & Joe-1096 Holly & Joe-1094Holly & Joe-1094 Holly & Joe-1060Holly & Joe-1060 Holly & Joe-1064Holly & Joe-1064 Holly & Joe-1069Holly & Joe-1069 Holly & Joe-1102Holly & Joe-1102 Holly & Joe-1106Holly & Joe-1106 Holly & Joe-1109Holly & Joe-1109 Holly & Joe-1114Holly & Joe-1114 Holly & Joe-1117Holly & Joe-1117 Holly & Joe-1010Holly & Joe-1010 Holly & Joe-1065Holly & Joe-1065 Holly & Joe-1055Holly & Joe-1055 Holly & Joe-1056Holly & Joe-1056 Holly & Joe-1071Holly & Joe-1071 Holly & Joe-1067Holly & Joe-1067 Holly & Joe-1073Holly & Joe-1073 Holly & Joe-1074Holly & Joe-1074 Holly & Joe-1083Holly & Joe-1083 Holly & Joe-1036Holly & Joe-1036 Holly & Joe-1099Holly & Joe-1099 Holly & Joe-1127Holly & Joe-1127 Holly & Joe-1131Holly & Joe-1131 Holly & Joe-1142Holly & Joe-1142 Holly & Joe-1143Holly & Joe-1143 Holly & Joe-1148Holly & Joe-1148 Holly & Joe-1159Holly & Joe-1159 Holly & Joe-1171Holly & Joe-1171 Holly & Joe-1183Holly & Joe-1183 Holly & Joe-1193Holly & Joe-1193 Holly & Joe-1245Holly & Joe-1245 Holly & Joe-1194Holly & Joe-1194 Holly & Joe-1284Holly & Joe-1284 Holly & Joe-1289Holly & Joe-1289 Holly & Joe-1007Holly & Joe-1007 Holly & Joe-1301Holly & Joe-1301 Holly & Joe-1302Holly & Joe-1302 Holly & Joe-1303Holly & Joe-1303 Holly & Joe-1306Holly & Joe-1306 Holly & Joe-1314Holly & Joe-1314 Holly & Joe-1322Holly & Joe-1322 Holly & Joe-1328Holly & Joe-1328 Holly & Joe-1331Holly & Joe-1331 Holly & Joe-1334Holly & Joe-1334 Holly & Joe-1336Holly & Joe-1336 Holly & Joe-1343Holly & Joe-1343 Holly & Joe-1350Holly & Joe-1350 Holly & Joe-1351Holly & Joe-1351 Holly & Joe-1353Holly & Joe-1353 Holly & Joe-1354Holly & Joe-1354 Holly & Joe-1356Holly & Joe-1356 Holly & Joe-1357Holly & Joe-1357 Holly & Joe-1360Holly & Joe-1360 Holly & Joe-1363Holly & Joe-1363 Holly & Joe-1365Holly & Joe-1365 Holly & Joe-1371Holly & Joe-1371 Holly & Joe-1374Holly & Joe-1374 Holly & Joe-1376Holly & Joe-1376 Holly & Joe-1380Holly & Joe-1380 Holly & Joe-1379Holly & Joe-1379 Holly & Joe-1386Holly & Joe-1386 Holly & Joe-1395Holly & Joe-1395 Holly & Joe-1397Holly & Joe-1397 Holly & Joe-1402Holly & Joe-1402 Holly & Joe-1409Holly & Joe-1409 Holly & Joe-1410Holly & Joe-1410 Holly & Joe-1413Holly & Joe-1413 Holly & Joe-1417Holly & Joe-1417 Holly & Joe-1418Holly & Joe-1418 Holly & Joe-1451Holly & Joe-1451 Holly & Joe-1469Holly & Joe-1469 Holly & Joe-1471Holly & Joe-1471 Holly & Joe-1485Holly & Joe-1485 Holly & Joe-1489Holly & Joe-1489 Holly & Joe-1505Holly & Joe-1505 Holly & Joe-1509Holly & Joe-1509 Holly & Joe-1524Holly & Joe-1524 Holly & Joe-1530Holly & Joe-1530 Holly & Joe-1539Holly & Joe-1539 Holly & Joe-1544Holly & Joe-1544 Holly & Joe-1691Holly & Joe-1691 Holly & Joe-1716Holly & Joe-1716 Holly & Joe-1736Holly & Joe-1736 Holly & Joe-1746Holly & Joe-1746 Holly & Joe-1745Holly & Joe-1745 Holly & Joe-1750Holly & Joe-1750 Holly & Joe-1755Holly & Joe-1755

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Fellowship of the Ring Kent Lazy River Farm Sidetrack Distillery TimmyShoes Photography Washington Wedding https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2015/9/holly-joe-at-lazy-river-farm Thu, 03 Sep 2015 04:12:36 GMT
Emerald City Comic Con 2015 https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2015/8/emerald-city-comic-con-2015 ~ Emerald City Comic Con - where you can see  from things from the amazing, to the down right strange, and anywhere you look your likely to see something new and interesting.  I've been going to this con for several years now, and it just never gets old!  Take a gander below to see what was happening at this year's ECCC! ~

ECCC 2015-1001ECCC 2015-1001 ECCC 2015-1003ECCC 2015-1003 ECCC 2015-1128ECCC 2015-1128 ECCC 2015-1049ECCC 2015-1049 ECCC 2015-1124ECCC 2015-1124 ECCC 2015-1033ECCC 2015-1033 ECCC 2015-1113ECCC 2015-1113 ECCC 2015-1159ECCC 2015-1159 ECCC 2015-1160ECCC 2015-1160 ECCC 2015-1071ECCC 2015-1071 ECCC 2015-1047ECCC 2015-1047 ECCC 2015-1054ECCC 2015-1054 ECCC 2015-1126ECCC 2015-1126 ECCC 2015-1116ECCC 2015-1116 ECCC 2015-1037ECCC 2015-1037 ECCC 2015-1045ECCC 2015-1045 ECCC 2015-1118ECCC 2015-1118 ECCC 2015-1051ECCC 2015-1051 ECCC 2015-1053ECCC 2015-1053 ECCC 2015-1095ECCC 2015-1095 ECCC 2015-1058ECCC 2015-1058 ECCC 2015-1062ECCC 2015-1062 ECCC 2015-1063ECCC 2015-1063 ECCC 2015-1066ECCC 2015-1066 ECCC 2015-1068ECCC 2015-1068 ECCC 2015-1088ECCC 2015-1088 ECCC 2015-1114ECCC 2015-1114 ECCC 2015-1115ECCC 2015-1115 ECCC 2015-1127ECCC 2015-1127 ECCC 2015-1169ECCC 2015-1169 ECCC 2015-1061ECCC 2015-1061 ECCC 2015-1055ECCC 2015-1055 ECCC 2015-1064ECCC 2015-1064 ECCC 2015-1029ECCC 2015-1029 ECCC 2015-1034ECCC 2015-1034 ECCC 2015-1035ECCC 2015-1035 ECCC 2015-1041ECCC 2015-1041 ECCC 2015-1042ECCC 2015-1042 ECCC 2015-1163ECCC 2015-1163 ECCC 2015-1164ECCC 2015-1164 ECCC 2015-1161ECCC 2015-1161 ECCC 2015-1166ECCC 2015-1166 ECCC 2015-1168ECCC 2015-1168 ECCC 2015-1125ECCC 2015-1125 ECCC 2015-1152ECCC 2015-1152 ECCC 2015-1153ECCC 2015-1153 ECCC 2015-1154ECCC 2015-1154 ECCC 2015-1122ECCC 2015-1122 ECCC 2015-1130ECCC 2015-1130 ECCC 2015-1052ECCC 2015-1052 ECCC 2015-1087ECCC 2015-1087 ECCC 2015-1106ECCC 2015-1106 ECCC 2015-1032ECCC 2015-1032 ECCC 2015-1109ECCC 2015-1109 ECCC 2015-1057ECCC 2015-1057 ECCC 2015-1132ECCC 2015-1132 ECCC 2015-1170ECCC 2015-1170 ECCC 2015-1110ECCC 2015-1110 ECCC 2015-1156ECCC 2015-1156 ECCC 2015-1151ECCC 2015-1151 ECCC 2015-1150ECCC 2015-1150 ECCC 2015-1172ECCC 2015-1172 ECCC 2015-1015ECCC 2015-1015 ECCC 2015-1133ECCC 2015-1133 ECCC 2015-1137ECCC 2015-1137 ECCC 2015-1157ECCC 2015-1157 ECCC 2015-1112ECCC 2015-1112 ECCC 2015-1090ECCC 2015-1090 ECCC 2015-1026ECCC 2015-1026 ECCC 2015-1025ECCC 2015-1025 ECCC 2015-1016ECCC 2015-1016 ECCC 2015-1010ECCC 2015-1010 ECCC 2015-1019ECCC 2015-1019 ECCC 2015-1013ECCC 2015-1013 ECCC 2015-1014ECCC 2015-1014 ECCC 2015-1011ECCC 2015-1011 ECCC 2015-1012ECCC 2015-1012 ECCC 2015-1007ECCC 2015-1007 ECCC 2015-1005ECCC 2015-1005 ECCC 2015-1135ECCC 2015-1135

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Cosplay ECCC ECCC 2015 Emerald City Comic Con 2015 TimmyShoes Photography Washington State Convention Center https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2015/8/emerald-city-comic-con-2015 Mon, 03 Aug 2015 02:28:56 GMT
Evan - Class of 2015 https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2015/5/evan---class-of-2015 ~ Evan - Class of 2015 ~

E-VanCamp-1046E-VanCamp-1046 E-VanCamp-1021E-VanCamp-1021 E-VanCamp-1026E-VanCamp-1026 E-VanCamp-1041E-VanCamp-1041 E-VanCamp-1053E-VanCamp-1053 E-VanCamp-1054E-VanCamp-1054 E-VanCamp-1067E-VanCamp-1067 E-VanCamp-1069E-VanCamp-1069 E-VanCamp-1005E-VanCamp-1005

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) 2015 Class of 2015 Gig Harbor Senior TimmyShoes Photography https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2015/5/evan---class-of-2015 Mon, 25 May 2015 06:38:40 GMT
Eight With No Signs of Slowing https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2015/4/eight-with-no-signs-of-slowing ~ Riley - Boy this kid is growing up fast, and I don't see any signs of him hitting the breaks anytime soon!  It was really great to see this handsome young chap yet another year older, wiser (ok, debatable), and faster.  Like most kids his age, he's bursting with energy, and is certainly good at keeping his mom on her toes; good thing he's quite the little athlete!  Here's to another year in the books, and to a great one to come. ~

L&R 2015-1020L&R 2015-1020 L&R 2015-1004L&R 2015-1004 L&R 2015-1034L&R 2015-1034 L&R 2015-1017L&R 2015-1017 L&R 2015-1010L&R 2015-1010 L&R 2015-1008L&R 2015-1008 L&R 2015-1059L&R 2015-1059 L&R 2015-1069L&R 2015-1069 L&R 2015-1056L&R 2015-1056 L&R 2015-1076L&R 2015-1076

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Eight Family Federal Way Portrait TimmyShoes Photography https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2015/4/eight-with-no-signs-of-slowing Fri, 01 May 2015 04:47:20 GMT
Louie G's: Excitement for Your Ears https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2015/2/louie-gs-excitement-for-your-ears ~ It's 2015, and Louie G's is still out in Fife bringing it when it comes to putting on a killer show! With local bands MomentsPig Snout (check these kids out for sure), The Bomb Shelter, and To the Wind, both of your ears were guaranteed to get all the excitement they could handle!  Check 'em all out below! ~



LG 1-31-15-1003LG 1-31-15-1003 LG 1-31-15-1037LG 1-31-15-1037 LG 1-31-15-1009LG 1-31-15-1009 LG 1-31-15-1005LG 1-31-15-1005 LG 1-31-15-1043LG 1-31-15-1043 LG 1-31-15-1039LG 1-31-15-1039 LG 1-31-15-1048LG 1-31-15-1048 LG 1-31-15-1056LG 1-31-15-1056 LG 1-31-15-1058LG 1-31-15-1058 LG 1-31-15-1015LG 1-31-15-1015 LG 1-31-15-1004LG 1-31-15-1004 LG 1-31-15-1034LG 1-31-15-1034 LG 1-31-15-1036LG 1-31-15-1036

Pig Snout

LG 1-31-15-1066LG 1-31-15-1066 LG 1-31-15-1071LG 1-31-15-1071 LG 1-31-15-1117LG 1-31-15-1117 LG 1-31-15-1077LG 1-31-15-1077 LG 1-31-15-1102LG 1-31-15-1102 LG 1-31-15-1105LG 1-31-15-1105 LG 1-31-15-1112LG 1-31-15-1112 LG 1-31-15-1091LG 1-31-15-1091 LG 1-31-15-1082LG 1-31-15-1082 LG 1-31-15-1072LG 1-31-15-1072

The Bomb Shelter

LG 1-31-15-1119LG 1-31-15-1119 LG 1-31-15-1135LG 1-31-15-1135 LG 1-31-15-1131LG 1-31-15-1131 LG 1-31-15-1139LG 1-31-15-1139 LG 1-31-15-1124LG 1-31-15-1124 LG 1-31-15-1126LG 1-31-15-1126 LG 1-31-15-1150LG 1-31-15-1150 LG 1-31-15-1137LG 1-31-15-1137 LG 1-31-15-1130LG 1-31-15-1130 LG 1-31-15-1148LG 1-31-15-1148

To the Wind

LG 1-31-15-1158LG 1-31-15-1158 LG 1-31-15-1160LG 1-31-15-1160 LG 1-31-15-1168LG 1-31-15-1168 LG 1-31-15-1164LG 1-31-15-1164 LG 1-31-15-1169LG 1-31-15-1169 LG 1-31-15-1171LG 1-31-15-1171 LG 1-31-15-1173LG 1-31-15-1173 LG 1-31-15-1177LG 1-31-15-1177 LG 1-31-15-1155LG 1-31-15-1155

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Fife Local Music Louie G's Moments Pig Snout The Bomb Shelter TimmyShoes Photography To the Wind https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2015/2/louie-gs-excitement-for-your-ears Mon, 09 Feb 2015 06:07:40 GMT
Tyson & Nahaci, Married on a Sunny Tri-Cities Saturday https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/12/tyson-nahaci ~ I've known Tyson for quite some time now, so when he chose me to photograph his wedding, I was quite excited to do so!  A quick jaunt over the mountains, a warm & sunny fall day, lots of family love, and pinatas, makes for a super fun wedding weekend!  Tyson & Nahaci, you have quite the start to what should be an amazing life together -- Congratulations are certainly in order! ~

Tyson & Nahaci-1004Tyson & Nahaci-1004 Tyson & Nahaci-1029Tyson & Nahaci-1029 Tyson & Nahaci-1030Tyson & Nahaci-1030 Tyson & Nahaci-1034Tyson & Nahaci-1034 Tyson & Nahaci-1090Tyson & Nahaci-1090 Tyson & Nahaci-1015Tyson & Nahaci-1015 Tyson & Nahaci-1019Tyson & Nahaci-1019 Tyson & Nahaci-1039Tyson & Nahaci-1039 Tyson & Nahaci-1042Tyson & Nahaci-1042 Tyson & Nahaci-1049Tyson & Nahaci-1049 Tyson & Nahaci-1055Tyson & Nahaci-1055 Tyson & Nahaci-1066Tyson & Nahaci-1066 Tyson & Nahaci-1101Tyson & Nahaci-1101 Tyson & Nahaci-1102Tyson & Nahaci-1102 Tyson & Nahaci-1106Tyson & Nahaci-1106 Tyson & Nahaci-1076Tyson & Nahaci-1076 Tyson & Nahaci-1074Tyson & Nahaci-1074 Tyson & Nahaci-1193Tyson & Nahaci-1193 Tyson & Nahaci-1198Tyson & Nahaci-1198 Tyson & Nahaci-1233Tyson & Nahaci-1233 Tyson & Nahaci-1246Tyson & Nahaci-1246 Tyson & Nahaci-1256Tyson & Nahaci-1256 Tyson & Nahaci-1269Tyson & Nahaci-1269 Tyson & Nahaci-1318Tyson & Nahaci-1318 Tyson & Nahaci-1321Tyson & Nahaci-1321 Tyson & Nahaci-1325Tyson & Nahaci-1325 Tyson & Nahaci-1333Tyson & Nahaci-1333 Tyson & Nahaci-1338Tyson & Nahaci-1338 Tyson & Nahaci-1370Tyson & Nahaci-1370 Tyson & Nahaci-1394Tyson & Nahaci-1394 Tyson & Nahaci-1420Tyson & Nahaci-1420 Tyson & Nahaci-1422Tyson & Nahaci-1422 Tyson & Nahaci-1424Tyson & Nahaci-1424 Tyson & Nahaci-1427Tyson & Nahaci-1427 Tyson & Nahaci-1435Tyson & Nahaci-1435 Tyson & Nahaci-1486Tyson & Nahaci-1486 Tyson & Nahaci-1522Tyson & Nahaci-1522 Tyson & Nahaci-1568Tyson & Nahaci-1568 Tyson & Nahaci-1569Tyson & Nahaci-1569 Tyson & Nahaci-1583Tyson & Nahaci-1583

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Kennewick Pasco TimmyShoes Photography Wedding piñata https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/12/tyson-nahaci Sat, 13 Dec 2014 06:15:42 GMT
KGRG New Music Showcase at Green River Community College https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/11/kgrg-new-music-showcase-at-green-river-community-college ~ Local musicians have long fought the battle to get their music to eager ears, and with venues opening and closing faster than a jackrabbit in heat, or just needing to know who's back to scratch, it can be tough just to find a place to play. KGRG's New Music Showcase at Green River Community college was an awesome way for these talented artists to get together with like minds, a target audience, and rock the night away!  Thanks to all the bands for the sweet tunes, and special thanks to KGRG for letting these guys go at it. ~

The Bomb Shelter

KGRG NMS-1064KGRG NMS-1064The Bomb Shelter KGRG NMS-1069KGRG NMS-1069The Bomb Shelter KGRG NMS-1058KGRG NMS-1058The Bomb Shelter KGRG NMS-1052KGRG NMS-1052The Bomb Shelter KGRG NMS-1054KGRG NMS-1054The Bomb Shelter KGRG NMS-1067KGRG NMS-1067The Bomb Shelter



KGRG NMS-1034KGRG NMS-1034Moments KGRG NMS-1028KGRG NMS-1028Moments KGRG NMS-1040KGRG NMS-1040Moments KGRG NMS-1031KGRG NMS-1031Moments KGRG NMS-1043KGRG NMS-1043Moments


Oranges From the President

KGRG NMS-1021KGRG NMS-1021Oranges From the President KGRG NMS-1026KGRG NMS-1026Oranges From the President KGRG NMS-1011KGRG NMS-1011Oranges From the President KGRG NMS-1012KGRG NMS-1012Oranges From the President

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Auburn Green River Community College KGRG Local Music New Music Showcase TimmyShoes Photography https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/11/kgrg-new-music-showcase-at-green-river-community-college Mon, 17 Nov 2014 02:37:21 GMT
Joshua & Anika at the Georgetown Ballroom https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/10/joshua-anika-at-the-georgetown-ballroom ~ The Georgetown Ballroom: easily one of the coolest, and most beautiful venues in the Seattle area, which was perfect for Josh, Anika, and their friends and family.  Combining the hip atmosphere of this venue with fun and lively people can only result in everyone having an amazing time.  On top of that, they are two of the most amiable people I have had the pleasure to work with, and I don't think I've ever felt more welcome working with a couple.  So I just want to say thank you Josh & Anika, congratulations, and here's to a wonderful, and rocking life ahead! ~

Josh&Anika-1001Josh&Anika-1001 Josh&Anika-1005Josh&Anika-1005 Josh&Anika-1016Josh&Anika-1016 Josh&Anika-1017Josh&Anika-1017 Josh&Anika-1020Josh&Anika-1020 Josh&Anika-1025Josh&Anika-1025 Josh&Anika-1045Josh&Anika-1045 Josh&Anika-1056Josh&Anika-1056 Josh&Anika-1052Josh&Anika-1052 Josh&Anika-1044Josh&Anika-1044 Josh&Anika-1084Josh&Anika-1084 Josh&Anika-1057Josh&Anika-1057 Josh&Anika-1105Josh&Anika-1105 Josh&Anika-1058Josh&Anika-1058 Josh&Anika-1061Josh&Anika-1061 Josh&Anika-1064Josh&Anika-1064 Josh&Anika-1076Josh&Anika-1076 Josh&Anika-1071Josh&Anika-1071 Josh&Anika-1079Josh&Anika-1079 Josh&Anika-1009Josh&Anika-1009 Josh&Anika-1013Josh&Anika-1013 Josh&Anika-1048Josh&Anika-1048 Josh&Anika-1051Josh&Anika-1051 Josh&Anika-1027Josh&Anika-1027 Josh&Anika-1031Josh&Anika-1031 Josh&Anika-1112Josh&Anika-1112 Josh&Anika-1118Josh&Anika-1118 Josh&Anika-1089Josh&Anika-1089 Josh&Anika-1096Josh&Anika-1096 Josh&Anika-1124Josh&Anika-1124 Josh&Anika-1126Josh&Anika-1126 Josh&Anika-1132Josh&Anika-1132 Josh&Anika-1134Josh&Anika-1134 Josh&Anika-1139Josh&Anika-1139 Josh&Anika-1141Josh&Anika-1141 Josh&Anika-1034Josh&Anika-1034 Josh&Anika-1147Josh&Anika-1147 Josh&Anika-1148Josh&Anika-1148 Josh&Anika-1166Josh&Anika-1166 Josh&Anika-1170Josh&Anika-1170 Josh&Anika-1169Josh&Anika-1169 Josh&Anika-1154Josh&Anika-1154 Josh&Anika-1161Josh&Anika-1161 Josh&Anika-1179Josh&Anika-1179 Josh&Anika-1182Josh&Anika-1182 Josh&Anika-1190Josh&Anika-1190 Josh&Anika-1195Josh&Anika-1195 Josh&Anika-1198Josh&Anika-1198 Josh&Anika-1204Josh&Anika-1204 Josh&Anika-1206Josh&Anika-1206 Josh&Anika-1212Josh&Anika-1212 Josh&Anika-1223Josh&Anika-1223 Josh&Anika-1245Josh&Anika-1245 Josh&Anika-1250Josh&Anika-1250 Josh&Anika-1251Josh&Anika-1251 Josh&Anika-1256Josh&Anika-1256 Josh&Anika-1253Josh&Anika-1253 Josh&Anika-1259Josh&Anika-1259 Josh&Anika-1268Josh&Anika-1268 Josh&Anika-1275Josh&Anika-1275 Josh&Anika-1280Josh&Anika-1280 Josh&Anika-1327Josh&Anika-1327 Josh&Anika-1333Josh&Anika-1333 Josh&Anika-1338Josh&Anika-1338 Josh&Anika-1340Josh&Anika-1340 Josh&Anika-1345Josh&Anika-1345 Josh&Anika-1346Josh&Anika-1346 Josh&Anika-1353Josh&Anika-1353 Josh&Anika-1376Josh&Anika-1376 Josh&Anika-1382Josh&Anika-1382 Josh&Anika-1395Josh&Anika-1395 Josh&Anika-1393Josh&Anika-1393 Josh&Anika-1396Josh&Anika-1396 Josh&Anika-1399Josh&Anika-1399 Josh&Anika-1409Josh&Anika-1409 Josh&Anika-1406Josh&Anika-1406 Josh&Anika-1410Josh&Anika-1410 Josh&Anika-1412Josh&Anika-1412 Josh&Anika-1418Josh&Anika-1418 Josh&Anika-1420Josh&Anika-1420 Josh&Anika-1431Josh&Anika-1431 Josh&Anika-1442Josh&Anika-1442 Josh&Anika-1445Josh&Anika-1445 Josh&Anika-1454Josh&Anika-1454 Josh&Anika-1491Josh&Anika-1491 Josh&Anika-1492Josh&Anika-1492 Josh&Anika-1494Josh&Anika-1494 Josh&Anika-1523Josh&Anika-1523 Josh&Anika-1588Josh&Anika-1588 Josh&Anika-1589Josh&Anika-1589 Josh&Anika-1538Josh&Anika-1538 Josh&Anika-1595Josh&Anika-1595 Josh&Anika-1597Josh&Anika-1597 Josh&Anika-1608Josh&Anika-1608 Josh&Anika-1616Josh&Anika-1616 Josh&Anika-1606Josh&Anika-1606 Josh&Anika-1611Josh&Anika-1611 Josh&Anika-1619Josh&Anika-1619 Josh&Anika-1627Josh&Anika-1627 Josh&Anika-1629Josh&Anika-1629 Josh&Anika-1636Josh&Anika-1636 Josh&Anika-1647Josh&Anika-1647 Josh&Anika-1652Josh&Anika-1652 Josh&Anika-1653Josh&Anika-1653 Josh&Anika-1685Josh&Anika-1685 Josh&Anika-1709Josh&Anika-1709 Josh&Anika-1713Josh&Anika-1713 Josh&Anika-1662Josh&Anika-1662 Josh&Anika-1671Josh&Anika-1671 Josh&Anika-1673Josh&Anika-1673 Josh&Anika-1678Josh&Anika-1678 Josh&Anika-1680Josh&Anika-1680

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Georgetown Ballroom Seattle TimmyShoes Photography Wedding https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/10/joshua-anika-at-the-georgetown-ballroom Sun, 12 Oct 2014 21:44:02 GMT
Dawn & Janet at the Sanctuary on Admiral https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/9/dawn-janet-at-the-sanctuary-on-admiral ~ A few weeks ago on a typical August day, in a little city here in the great Pacific Northwest, a beautiful couple was married.  I am so happy I had the pleasure of meeting Dawn and Janet, as they are two utterly amazing people that truly deserve each other!  Surrounded by a passionate group of friends and family, along with the love they have for each other, makes for one contagious environment, and you just can't help but smile when you're around them.  Congratulations, and thank you for letting me be a part of this day! ~

Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1002Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1002 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1001Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1001 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1008Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1008 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1003Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1003 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1012Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1012 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1005Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1005 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1020Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1020 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1017Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1017 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1044Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1044 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1050Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1050 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1069Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1069 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1018Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1018 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1019Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1019 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1022Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1022 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1052Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1052 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1058Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1058 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1046Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1046 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1060Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1060 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1076Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1076 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1086Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1086 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1096Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1096 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1108Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1108 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1114Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1114 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1120Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1120 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1124Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1124 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1132Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1132 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1134Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1134 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1138Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1138 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1145Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1145 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1153Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1153 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1158Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1158 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1160Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1160 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1163Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1163 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1171Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1171 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1180Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1180 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1185Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1185 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1214Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1214 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1222Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1222 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1224Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1224 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1226Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1226 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1262Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1262 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1264Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1264 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1273Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1273 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1279Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1279 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1281Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1281 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1285Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1285 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1286Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1286 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1288Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1288 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1293Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1293 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1299Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1299 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1300Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1300 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1303Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1303 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1309Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1309 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1307Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1307 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1310Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1310 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1312Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1312 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1329Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1329 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1337Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1337 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1421Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1421 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1424Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1424 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1402Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1402 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1401Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1401 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1380Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1380 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1412Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1412 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1420Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1420 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1416Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1416 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1422Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1422 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1426Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1426 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1392Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1392 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1395Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1395 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1385Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1385 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1387Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1387 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1390Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1390 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1389Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1389 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1444Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1444 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1448Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1448 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1450Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1450 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1451Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1451 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1452Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1452 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1472Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1472 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1475Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1475 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1479Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1479 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1492Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1492 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1497Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1497 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1502Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1502 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1512Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1512 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1514Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1514 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1524Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1524 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1531Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1531 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1537Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1537 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1543Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1543 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1549Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1549 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1559Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1559 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1561Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1561 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1571Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1571 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1585Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1585 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1601Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1601 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1596Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1596 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1603Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1603 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1609Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1609 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1610Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1610 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1623Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1623 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1638Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1638 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1657Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1657 Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1661Dawn&Janet 8-9-14-1661

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Sanctuary at Admiral Seattle TimmyShoes Photography Wedding https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/9/dawn-janet-at-the-sanctuary-on-admiral Tue, 16 Sep 2014 13:00:44 GMT
The Sweet, Sweet Sounds of Rock in Fremont https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/8/the-sweet-sounds-of-rock-in-fremont ~ If you been in Fremont on a Friday night, you've probably heard melodies wafting down North 36th Street, from the door of a little place called the High Dive.  We recently hit this venue up, and were fortunate enough to catch some of the amazing music created by local bands such as The Wild, Moments, Joyfield, and American Island (one of my personal favorites).  If you get a chance, you should definitely get off your rear, and check each of these guys out! ~


The Wild

HighD-1003HighD-1003The Wild HighD-1010HighD-1010The Wild HighD-1012HighD-1012The Wild



HighD-1026HighD-1026Moments HighD-1018HighD-1018Moments HighD-1015HighD-1015Moments HighD-1039HighD-1039Moments HighD-1014HighD-1014Moments HighD-1035HighD-1035Moments HighD-1023HighD-1023Moments HighD-1030HighD-1030Moments HighD-1021HighD-1021Moments



HighD-1048HighD-1048Joyfield HighD-1059HighD-1059Joyfield HighD-1046HighD-1046Joyfield HighD-1055HighD-1055Joyfield HighD-1050HighD-1050Joyfield HighD-1041HighD-1041Joyfield HighD-1053HighD-1053Joyfield


American Island

HighD-1073HighD-1073American Island HighD-1061HighD-1061American Island HighD-1068HighD-1068American Island HighD-1064HighD-1064American Island HighD-1066HighD-1066American Island HighD-1070HighD-1070American Island

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Band Fremont High Dive Local Music Music Rock Seattle TimmyShoes Photography https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/8/the-sweet-sounds-of-rock-in-fremont Thu, 21 Aug 2014 05:29:02 GMT
Sara & Kyle https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/8/sara-kyle ~ Sara & Kyle are two of the happiest people I have met, and I can't imagine they have had too many days where they were more jubilant than on this one!  Such an amazing time, with two wonderful people; just a prelude to the life they are starting with each other.  Best wishes to you both! ~

SK-1633SK-1633 SK-1004SK-1004 SK-1013SK-1013 SK-1041SK-1041 SK-1045SK-1045 SK-1059SK-1059 SK-1029SK-1029 SK-1084SK-1084 SK-1087SK-1087 SK-1091SK-1091 SK-1108SK-1108 SK-1110SK-1110 SK-1127SK-1127 SK-1170SK-1170 SK-1177SK-1177 SK-1168SK-1168 SK-1189SK-1189 SK-1639SK-1639 SK-1652SK-1652 SK-1216SK-1216 SK-1265SK-1265 SK-1272SK-1272 SK-1434SK-1434 SK-1442SK-1442 SK-1513SK-1513 SK-1464SK-1464 SK-1519SK-1519 SK-1551SK-1551 SK-1558SK-1558 SK-1577SK-1577 SK-1579SK-1579 SK-1612SK-1612

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Events on 6th Tacoma TimmyShoes Photography Wedding Wedding Photography https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/8/sara-kyle Sun, 17 Aug 2014 22:14:19 GMT
What's Even More Cute Than A Button? https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/7/quinn ~ Say hello to Quinn: a brand spankin' new little baby boy, filled with snips, snails, puppy dog tails, and all that jazz!  This little guy just joined us about a month ago, and he's wasting no time being cute as a button, or maybe even more cute (after all, buttons aren't really all that cute).  Sleeping, crying, eating, pooping, and keeping Mom & Dad up at night is the name of his game.  At least with both a big brother and a big sister and home, he already has some peeps ready to show him the ropes, and keep him out of some trouble.  Welcome to the world kiddo, it's loud, and it's kinda crazy here, so hold on to your britches! ~

Quinn-1011Quinn-1011 Quinn-1023Quinn-1023 Quinn-1001Quinn-1001 Quinn-1006Quinn-1006 Quinn-1028Quinn-1028 Quinn-1017Quinn-1017 Quinn-1002Quinn-1002 Quinn-1025Quinn-1025 Quinn-1033Quinn-1033 Quinn-1014Quinn-1014

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Baby Button Newborn Quinn TimmyShoes Photography https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/7/quinn Fri, 01 Aug 2014 03:15:52 GMT
Exciting Plans Are In Store For Taylor & Haley https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/7/taylor-haley ~ It's such an electric feeling when you find someone who you want to spend the rest of your days with, and Taylor & Haley have certainly found that with each other!  I cannot fully convey to you how proud I am to see my brother (yup, he's my bro!) arrive at one of life's great milestones, and I'm so excited to see what amazing things he and this beautiful girl will accomplish together.  To Taylor and Hayley, congratulations, and I love you both so much! ~

Taylor & Haley Eng-1077Taylor & Haley Eng-1077

Taylor & Haley Eng-1013Taylor & Haley Eng-1013 Taylor & Haley Eng-1006Taylor & Haley Eng-1006 Taylor & Haley Eng-1005Taylor & Haley Eng-1005 Taylor & Haley Eng-1043Taylor & Haley Eng-1043 Taylor & Haley Eng-1050Taylor & Haley Eng-1050 Taylor & Haley Eng-1051Taylor & Haley Eng-1051 Taylor & Haley Eng-1022Taylor & Haley Eng-1022 Taylor & Haley Eng-1018Taylor & Haley Eng-1018

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Engagement Lakewood Steilacoom TimmyShoes Photography Wedding https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/7/taylor-haley Thu, 31 Jul 2014 05:00:06 GMT
Dawn & Janet Keep it Cool at the Admiral Bird https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/6/dawn-janet-keep-it-cool-at-the-admiral-bird ~ I just love Dawn & Janet, and I love the fact that they chose the Admiral Bird to celebrate their engagement!  When they told me they wanted to meet at a coffee shop / flower shop, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but once we got there I saw the fun and quirkiness that they did. These two are just super cute together, and I can't wait to see them again this summer! ~

D&J Engagement-1057D&J Engagement-1057 D&J Engagement-1055D&J Engagement-1055 D&J Engagement-1010D&J Engagement-1010

D&J Engagement-1019D&J Engagement-1019 D&J Engagement-1026D&J Engagement-1026 D&J Engagement-1032D&J Engagement-1032 D&J Engagement-1046D&J Engagement-1046 D&J Engagement-1050D&J Engagement-1050 D&J Engagement-1043D&J Engagement-1043

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Admiral Bird Coffee Engagement Flowers Seattle TimmyShoes Photography https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/6/dawn-janet-keep-it-cool-at-the-admiral-bird Fri, 06 Jun 2014 05:22:37 GMT
Ainsley & Her White Dress https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/5/ainsley ~ There are many events of note in our lives, and farther in between these events are the milestones that we really want to remember.  For Ainsley, one of those moments was they day when she would be baptized, and for that she wanted something special to help celebrate that moment of joy.  Would you believe this beautiful little girl made this dress with her own two hands?  Ok, so there may have been a little help from Mom and Grandma, but don't let that take away from what she accomplished.  She is becoming quite the young lady these days, but don't grow up too fast little Ainsley, there'll be plenty of time for that! ~

Ainsley Baptism Dress-1035Ainsley Baptism Dress-1035 Ainsley Baptism Dress-1013Ainsley Baptism Dress-1013 Ainsley Baptism Dress-1004Ainsley Baptism Dress-1004 Ainsley Baptism Dress-1043Ainsley Baptism Dress-1043 Ainsley Baptism Dress-1022Ainsley Baptism Dress-1022 Ainsley Baptism Dress-1008Ainsley Baptism Dress-1008 Ainsley Baptism Dress-1010Ainsley Baptism Dress-1010 Ainsley Baptism Dress-1003Ainsley Baptism Dress-1003 Ainsley Baptism Dress-1006Ainsley Baptism Dress-1006

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Ainsley Baptism Dress Grass TimmyShoes Photography Twirling https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/5/ainsley Sat, 17 May 2014 06:34:59 GMT
A Little Shih-Poo to Brighten Your Day https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/4/a-little-shih-poo-to-brighten-your-day ~ Meet Oscar, a ridiculously cute Shih-Poo, with all the personality you could possibly squeeze into something the size of a cantaloupe, begging the question: Why are puppies one of the most stupidly adorable creatures on the planet?  They're so soft, super inquisitive, and their breath doesn't taste like... well the dark corners of a dog, and little Oscar doesn't fall short in any of these key areas.  Enjoy! ~

Oscar 2014-1004Oscar 2014-1004 Oscar 2014-1001Oscar 2014-1001 Oscar 2014-1006Oscar 2014-1006 Oscar 2014-1027Oscar 2014-1027 Oscar 2014-1018Oscar 2014-1018 Oscar 2014-1015Oscar 2014-1015 Oscar 2014-1024Oscar 2014-1024 Oscar 2014-1033Oscar 2014-1033

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Cute Mini Goldendoodle Oscar Puppies Puppy Shih-Poo Stella TimmyShoes Photography https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/4/a-little-shih-poo-to-brighten-your-day Tue, 22 Apr 2014 01:53:48 GMT
Emerald City Comic Con 2014 https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/4/emerald-city-comic-con-2014 ~ The Emerald City Comic Con is one of those events I look forward to every year, and the 2014 convention was nothing short of amazing!  Every year this con grows bigger (literally, the square footage that gets eaten up here is ridiculous!), the cosplay gets more creative & complex, and the people are always nice -- there's nothing quite like a geek crowd!  If you have never been before I highly recommend you check it out, even if only for one day, because this is something you need to experience to truly appreciate! ~


ECCC 2014 TS-1021ECCC 2014 TS-1021 ECCC 2014 TS-1022ECCC 2014 TS-1022 ECCC 2014 TS-1001ECCC 2014 TS-1001 ECCC 2014 TS-1003ECCC 2014 TS-1003 ECCC 2014 TS-1002ECCC 2014 TS-1002 ECCC 2014 TS-1008ECCC 2014 TS-1008 ECCC 2014 TS-1010ECCC 2014 TS-1010 ECCC 2014 TS-1005ECCC 2014 TS-1005 ECCC 2014 TS-1006ECCC 2014 TS-1006 ECCC 2014 TS-1007ECCC 2014 TS-1007 ECCC 2014 TS-1011ECCC 2014 TS-1011 ECCC 2014 TS-1012ECCC 2014 TS-1012 ECCC 2014 TS-1013ECCC 2014 TS-1013 ECCC 2014 TS-1014ECCC 2014 TS-1014 ECCC 2014 TS-1015ECCC 2014 TS-1015 ECCC 2014 TS-1016ECCC 2014 TS-1016 ECCC 2014 TS-1017ECCC 2014 TS-1017 ECCC 2014 TS-1018ECCC 2014 TS-1018 ECCC 2014 TS-1019ECCC 2014 TS-1019 ECCC 2014 TS-1025ECCC 2014 TS-1025 ECCC 2014 TS-1026ECCC 2014 TS-1026 ECCC 2014 TS-1027ECCC 2014 TS-1027 ECCC 2014 TS-1028ECCC 2014 TS-1028 ECCC 2014 TS-1029ECCC 2014 TS-1029 ECCC 2014 TS-1030ECCC 2014 TS-1030 ECCC 2014 TS-1031ECCC 2014 TS-1031 ECCC 2014 TS-1034ECCC 2014 TS-1034 ECCC 2014 TS-1036ECCC 2014 TS-1036 ECCC 2014 TS-1037ECCC 2014 TS-1037 ECCC 2014 TS-1038ECCC 2014 TS-1038 ECCC 2014 TS-1040ECCC 2014 TS-1040 ECCC 2014 TS-1041ECCC 2014 TS-1041 ECCC 2014 TS-1042ECCC 2014 TS-1042 ECCC 2014 TS-1046ECCC 2014 TS-1046 ECCC 2014 TS-1047ECCC 2014 TS-1047 ECCC 2014 TS-1049ECCC 2014 TS-1049 ECCC 2014 TS-1052ECCC 2014 TS-1052 ECCC 2014 TS-1055ECCC 2014 TS-1055 ECCC 2014 TS-1057ECCC 2014 TS-1057 ECCC 2014 TS-1058ECCC 2014 TS-1058 ECCC 2014 TS-1059ECCC 2014 TS-1059 ECCC 2014 TS-1060ECCC 2014 TS-1060 ECCC 2014 TS-1065ECCC 2014 TS-1065 ECCC 2014 TS-1069ECCC 2014 TS-1069 ECCC 2014 TS-1071ECCC 2014 TS-1071 ECCC 2014 TS-1072ECCC 2014 TS-1072 ECCC 2014 TS-1074ECCC 2014 TS-1074 ECCC 2014 TS-1075ECCC 2014 TS-1075 ECCC 2014 TS-1078ECCC 2014 TS-1078 ECCC 2014 TS-1079ECCC 2014 TS-1079 ECCC 2014 TS-1080ECCC 2014 TS-1080 ECCC 2014 TS-1081ECCC 2014 TS-1081 ECCC 2014 TS-1084ECCC 2014 TS-1084 ECCC 2014 TS-1085ECCC 2014 TS-1085 ECCC 2014 TS-1086ECCC 2014 TS-1086 ECCC 2014 TS-1087ECCC 2014 TS-1087 ECCC 2014 TS-1089ECCC 2014 TS-1089 ECCC 2014 TS-1090ECCC 2014 TS-1090 ECCC 2014 TS-1091ECCC 2014 TS-1091 ECCC 2014 TS-1092ECCC 2014 TS-1092 ECCC 2014 TS-1004ECCC 2014 TS-1004 ECCC 2014 TS-1094ECCC 2014 TS-1094 ECCC 2014 TS-1096ECCC 2014 TS-1096 ECCC 2014 TS-1097ECCC 2014 TS-1097 ECCC 2014 TS-1098ECCC 2014 TS-1098 ECCC 2014 TS-1099ECCC 2014 TS-1099 ECCC 2014 TS-1100ECCC 2014 TS-1100 ECCC 2014 TS-1101ECCC 2014 TS-1101 ECCC 2014 TS-1102ECCC 2014 TS-1102

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Cosplay ECCC ECCC 2014 Emerald City Comic Con Seattle TimmyShoes Photography Washington State Convention Center https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/4/emerald-city-comic-con-2014 Fri, 04 Apr 2014 05:25:41 GMT
Seven and Counting https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/2/seven-and-still-growing ~ It's hard to believe it's already been a year since we last saw little Riley, but lo and behold, he's turning seven already!  His "likes" include playing in the snow, hanging with mom, and drinking hot chocolate.  Ok, so he didn't have much of a choice on this day, but he did great and was a real trooper in the cold.  Happy birthday Riley; keep it cool! *zing ~

Riley Seven-1012Riley Seven-1012 Riley Seven-1008Riley Seven-1008 Riley Seven-1017Riley Seven-1017 Riley Seven-1024Riley Seven-1024 Riley Seven-1033Riley Seven-1033 Riley Seven-1035Riley Seven-1035 Riley Seven-1040Riley Seven-1040 Riley Seven-1043Riley Seven-1043 Riley Seven-1046Riley Seven-1046 Riley Seven-1050Riley Seven-1050 Riley Seven-1054Riley Seven-1054 Riley Seven-1056Riley Seven-1056 Riley Seven-1062Riley Seven-1062

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Barn Birthday Family Puyallup Riley Seven Snow TimmyShoes Photography https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/2/seven-and-still-growing Fri, 21 Feb 2014 18:27:30 GMT
Emery's The Weak's End Tour - Portland https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/2/emerys-the-weak-s-end-tour---portland ~ The next stop on Emery's "The Weak's End" tour finds them in Portland, OR, at a little place called the Bossanova Ballroom.  This one of a kind show brings kids all around Oregon, to rock out to some of their favorite tunes in a super cool venue!  Once again joining Emery is The Classic Crime's Matt MacDonald, This Wild Life, and Peace Mercutio, along with local guys in Palm Trees to Evergreens, and Jared Evers.  Take a peek-see below to see how they moved this weird town! ~



Bossanova 1-25-14-1099Bossanova 1-25-14-1099 Bossanova 1-25-14-1095Bossanova 1-25-14-1095 Bossanova 1-25-14-1128Bossanova 1-25-14-1128 Bossanova 1-25-14-1129Bossanova 1-25-14-1129

Bossanova 1-25-14-1168Bossanova 1-25-14-1168 Bossanova 1-25-14-1154Bossanova 1-25-14-1154 Bossanova 1-25-14-1153Bossanova 1-25-14-1153 Bossanova 1-25-14-1209Bossanova 1-25-14-1209 Bossanova 1-25-14-1174Bossanova 1-25-14-1174
Bossanova 1-25-14-1222Bossanova 1-25-14-1222 Bossanova 1-25-14-1194Bossanova 1-25-14-1194 Bossanova 1-25-14-1198Bossanova 1-25-14-1198 Bossanova 1-25-14-1204Bossanova 1-25-14-1204 Bossanova 1-25-14-1217Bossanova 1-25-14-1217 Bossanova 1-25-14-1219Bossanova 1-25-14-1219 Bossanova 1-25-14-1220Bossanova 1-25-14-1220 Bossanova 1-25-14-1164Bossanova 1-25-14-1164 Bossanova 1-25-14-1188Bossanova 1-25-14-1188 Bossanova 1-25-14-1184Bossanova 1-25-14-1184 Bossanova 1-25-14-1182Bossanova 1-25-14-1182 Bossanova 1-25-14-1215Bossanova 1-25-14-1215


The Classic Crime

Bossanova 1-25-14-1132Bossanova 1-25-14-1132 Bossanova 1-25-14-1136Bossanova 1-25-14-1136 Bossanova 1-25-14-1140Bossanova 1-25-14-1140 Bossanova 1-25-14-1139Bossanova 1-25-14-1139


This Wild Life

Bossanova 1-25-14-1113Bossanova 1-25-14-1113 Bossanova 1-25-14-1118Bossanova 1-25-14-1118 Bossanova 1-25-14-1107Bossanova 1-25-14-1107 Bossanova 1-25-14-1104Bossanova 1-25-14-1104 Bossanova 1-25-14-1108Bossanova 1-25-14-1108 Bossanova 1-25-14-1115Bossanova 1-25-14-1115


Peace Mercutio

Bossanova 1-25-14-1064Bossanova 1-25-14-1064 Bossanova 1-25-14-1053Bossanova 1-25-14-1053 Bossanova 1-25-14-1077Bossanova 1-25-14-1077 Bossanova 1-25-14-1079Bossanova 1-25-14-1079 Bossanova 1-25-14-1070Bossanova 1-25-14-1070 Bossanova 1-25-14-1071Bossanova 1-25-14-1071 Bossanova 1-25-14-1073Bossanova 1-25-14-1073 Bossanova 1-25-14-1083Bossanova 1-25-14-1083 Bossanova 1-25-14-1087Bossanova 1-25-14-1087 Bossanova 1-25-14-1089Bossanova 1-25-14-1089 Bossanova 1-25-14-1055Bossanova 1-25-14-1055 Bossanova 1-25-14-1060Bossanova 1-25-14-1060 Bossanova 1-25-14-1088Bossanova 1-25-14-1088 Bossanova 1-25-14-1057Bossanova 1-25-14-1057 Bossanova 1-25-14-1093Bossanova 1-25-14-1093


Jared Evers Bossanova 1-25-14-1026Bossanova 1-25-14-1026 Bossanova 1-25-14-1037Bossanova 1-25-14-1037 Bossanova 1-25-14-1030Bossanova 1-25-14-1030 Bossanova 1-25-14-1050Bossanova 1-25-14-1050 Bossanova 1-25-14-1041Bossanova 1-25-14-1041 Bossanova 1-25-14-1031Bossanova 1-25-14-1031

Bossanova 1-25-14-1033Bossanova 1-25-14-1033


Palm Trees to Evergreens

Bossanova 1-25-14-1022Bossanova 1-25-14-1022 Bossanova 1-25-14-1015Bossanova 1-25-14-1015 Bossanova 1-25-14-1020Bossanova 1-25-14-1020 Bossanova 1-25-14-1013Bossanova 1-25-14-1013

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Emery Jared Evers Music OR Palm Trees to Evergreens Peace Mercutio Portland The Bossanova Ballroom The Classic Crime This Wild Life TimmyShoes Photography https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/2/emerys-the-weak-s-end-tour---portland Wed, 19 Feb 2014 03:57:27 GMT
What Are We Having? https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/2/its-a-boy How would you tell your friends and family if you were having a boy or a girl?  You could bake a cake filled with a color of frosting that is associated with one or the other, then cut it up and serve it to your guests...  What an awesome idea! A big congratulations are in order to Alan and Christie on the forthcoming addition to the family!  Check below to see the exciting results for yourself...

Baby Reveal Party-1003Baby Reveal Party-1003 Baby Reveal Party-1002Baby Reveal Party-1002 Baby Reveal Party-1009Baby Reveal Party-1009 Baby Reveal Party-1012Baby Reveal Party-1012 Baby Reveal Party-1020Baby Reveal Party-1020 Baby Reveal Party-1021Baby Reveal Party-1021 Baby Reveal Party-1022Baby Reveal Party-1022 Baby Reveal Party-1031Baby Reveal Party-1031 Baby Reveal Party-1033Baby Reveal Party-1033 Baby Reveal Party-1034Baby Reveal Party-1034 Baby Reveal Party-1042Baby Reveal Party-1042

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) TimmyShoes Photography baby boy gender it's a boy https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/2/its-a-boy Sun, 02 Feb 2014 02:18:25 GMT
Emery's The Weak's End Tour - Seattle https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/1/emerys-the-weak-s-end-tour ~ Emery is back on the road to celebrate ten years since the release of their first album The Weak's End, and their first stop is Seattle's own El Corazon.  Running the gambit of highways and clubs on this tour as well is The Classic Crime's Matt MacDonald, This Wild Life, and Peace Mercutio, along with Shoreline Drive.  Every band set is stripped down and acoustic, in build-up to Emery playing The Weak's End from front to back!  Also in a very cool and intimate approach to a tour, Emery is also interacting with their fans in Q&A sessions between other bands sets, giving their devotees a one of a kind chance to ask questions the guys they have been looking up to for a decade.  Check out some of the moments from the show ~



El Corazon 1-24-14-1055El Corazon 1-24-14-1055

El Corazon 1-24-14-1092El Corazon 1-24-14-1092 El Corazon 1-24-14-1090El Corazon 1-24-14-1090 El Corazon 1-24-14-1114El Corazon 1-24-14-1114 El Corazon 1-24-14-1100El Corazon 1-24-14-1100 El Corazon 1-24-14-1009El Corazon 1-24-14-1009 El Corazon 1-24-14-1110El Corazon 1-24-14-1110 El Corazon 1-24-14-1120El Corazon 1-24-14-1120 El Corazon 1-24-14-1108El Corazon 1-24-14-1108 El Corazon 1-24-14-1106El Corazon 1-24-14-1106 El Corazon 1-24-14-1111El Corazon 1-24-14-1111


The Classic Crime

El Corazon 1-24-14-1073El Corazon 1-24-14-1073 El Corazon 1-24-14-1076El Corazon 1-24-14-1076 El Corazon 1-24-14-1088El Corazon 1-24-14-1088 El Corazon 1-24-14-1085El Corazon 1-24-14-1085 El Corazon 1-24-14-1078El Corazon 1-24-14-1078


This Wild Life

El Corazon 1-24-14-1072El Corazon 1-24-14-1072 El Corazon 1-24-14-1058El Corazon 1-24-14-1058 El Corazon 1-24-14-1071El Corazon 1-24-14-1071 El Corazon 1-24-14-1062El Corazon 1-24-14-1062 El Corazon 1-24-14-1068El Corazon 1-24-14-1068 El Corazon 1-24-14-1061El Corazon 1-24-14-1061 El Corazon 1-24-14-1066El Corazon 1-24-14-1066


Peace Mercutio El Corazon 1-24-14-1005El Corazon 1-24-14-1005 El Corazon 1-24-14-1039El Corazon 1-24-14-1039

El Corazon 1-24-14-1028El Corazon 1-24-14-1028 El Corazon 1-24-14-1035El Corazon 1-24-14-1035 El Corazon 1-24-14-1043El Corazon 1-24-14-1043 El Corazon 1-24-14-1045El Corazon 1-24-14-1045 El Corazon 1-24-14-1048El Corazon 1-24-14-1048 El Corazon 1-24-14-1034El Corazon 1-24-14-1034 El Corazon 1-24-14-1036El Corazon 1-24-14-1036 El Corazon 1-24-14-1010El Corazon 1-24-14-1010 El Corazon 1-24-14-1027El Corazon 1-24-14-1027


Shoreline Drive

El Corazon 1-24-14-1002El Corazon 1-24-14-1002 El Corazon 1-24-14-1015El Corazon 1-24-14-1015 El Corazon 1-24-14-1021El Corazon 1-24-14-1021 El Corazon 1-24-14-1020El Corazon 1-24-14-1020 El Corazon 1-24-14-1024El Corazon 1-24-14-1024 El Corazon 1-24-14-1022El Corazon 1-24-14-1022 El Corazon 1-24-14-1019El Corazon 1-24-14-1019

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) El Corazon Emery Peace Mercutio Seattle Shoreline Drive The Classic Crime The Weak's End This Wild Life TimmyShoes Photography Tour https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/1/emerys-the-weak-s-end-tour Tue, 28 Jan 2014 05:28:14 GMT
James Noyes Junior c/o 2014 https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/1/james-noyes-junior Meet James Noyes Junior, Class of 2014!  Can we please have more people as nice and well mannered as him?  Plus, this chap has got his head on straight, and is ready to finish out high school, and head straight into the world of higher education.  Keep up the great work James, we wish you the best of luck!

James N-1024James N-1024 James N-1014James N-1014 James N-1008James N-1008 James N-1016James N-1016 James N-1019James N-1019 James N-1029James N-1029 James N-1032James N-1032 James N-1037James N-1037 James N-1035James N-1035 James N-1040James N-1040

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) 2014 James Noyes Junior Senior Spanaway Sprinker Recreation Center TimmyShoes Photography https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/1/james-noyes-junior Wed, 08 Jan 2014 04:48:50 GMT
Kate & Jessica https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/1/kate-jessica Kate & Jessica are so amazing, I freakin' adore these two!  Seriously, these two are fun loving and lighthearted, and as we walked around during the session, it was clear that they are absolutely devoted to each other.  Plus, check out those red shoes, right?  I'm so delighted I had the opportunity of doing their engagement shoot for them, and know that they'll be happy, and in love, for a long time.  Keep on rockin' guys!

Kate&Jessica-1076Kate&Jessica-1076 Kate&Jessica-1071Kate&Jessica-1071 Kate&Jessica-1075Kate&Jessica-1075 Kate&Jessica-1078Kate&Jessica-1078 Kate&Jessica-1067Kate&Jessica-1067

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Engagement Jesica Kate Seattle Seattle Center TimmyShoes Photography https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2014/1/kate-jessica Sat, 04 Jan 2014 04:57:32 GMT
Naughty or Nice? https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/12/naughty-or-nice I love Christmas, it's arguably my favorite time of the year, with all of the delicious food, late night shopping, threats of snow & ice, beautifully wrapped presents, houses glowing with strings of lights; I could go on forever.  And, what else can say "Merry Christmas" quite like a batch of naughty gingerbread men.  Ok quite a few things, but somebody in our household is pretty pleased with themselves for thinking up this little gem. Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas to you all, and if you're lucky, you could just find one of these heading your way!

Gingerbread-1001Gingerbread-1001 Gingerbread-1002Gingerbread-1002 Gingerbread-1003Gingerbread-1003 Gingerbread-1004Gingerbread-1004 Gingerbread-1005Gingerbread-1005 Gingerbread-1006Gingerbread-1006 Gingerbread-1007Gingerbread-1007 Gingerbread-1008Gingerbread-1008 Gingerbread-1009Gingerbread-1009

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Bowtie Christmas Gingerbread Holidays Naughty Gingerbread Men TimmyShoes Photography https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/12/naughty-or-nice Tue, 17 Dec 2013 06:01:36 GMT
It's Christmas at CHG! https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/12/its-christmas-at-chg It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, especially at the CHG Building Systems company Christmas party!  Not too many small businesses these days can say they put on a spread like this for their employees and their families, but every year without fail, Chuck, Steve, and Ryan Grouws do just that.  With food, bowling, prizes, and presents for every child, this is an amazing, and appreciated yearly tradition.

CHG-2013-1001CHG-2013-1001 CHG-2013-1016CHG-2013-1016 CHG-2013-1019CHG-2013-1019 CHG-2013-1020CHG-2013-1020 CHG-2013-1003CHG-2013-1003 CHG-2013-1005CHG-2013-1005 CHG-2013-1006CHG-2013-1006 CHG-2013-1009CHG-2013-1009 CHG-2013-1011CHG-2013-1011 CHG-2013-1012CHG-2013-1012 CHG-2013-1013CHG-2013-1013 CHG-2013-1014CHG-2013-1014 CHG-2013-1015CHG-2013-1015 CHG-2013-1017CHG-2013-1017 CHG-2013-1018CHG-2013-1018 CHG-2013-1023CHG-2013-1023 CHG-2013-1022CHG-2013-1022 CHG-2013-1021CHG-2013-1021 CHG-2013-1025CHG-2013-1025 CHG-2013-1024CHG-2013-1024 CHG-2013-1026CHG-2013-1026 CHG-2013-1027CHG-2013-1027 CHG-2013-1029CHG-2013-1029 CHG-2013-1030CHG-2013-1030 CHG-2013-1031CHG-2013-1031 CHG-2013-1034CHG-2013-1034 CHG-2013-1035CHG-2013-1035 CHG-2013-1036CHG-2013-1036 CHG-2013-1037CHG-2013-1037 CHG-2013-1038CHG-2013-1038 CHG-2013-1039CHG-2013-1039 CHG-2013-1040CHG-2013-1040 CHG-2013-1041CHG-2013-1041 CHG-2013-1042CHG-2013-1042 CHG-2013-1043CHG-2013-1043 CHG-2013-1044CHG-2013-1044 CHG-2013-1045CHG-2013-1045 CHG-2013-1046CHG-2013-1046 CHG-2013-1048CHG-2013-1048 CHG-2013-1049CHG-2013-1049 CHG-2013-1050CHG-2013-1050 CHG-2013-1051CHG-2013-1051 CHG-2013-1052CHG-2013-1052 CHG-2013-1053CHG-2013-1053 CHG-2013-1054CHG-2013-1054 CHG-2013-1055CHG-2013-1055 CHG-2013-1056CHG-2013-1056 CHG-2013-1057CHG-2013-1057 CHG-2013-1058CHG-2013-1058 CHG-2013-1060CHG-2013-1060 CHG-2013-1061CHG-2013-1061

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) 2013 ACME Bowl CHG CHG Building Systems Christmas Renton Santa TimmyShoes Photography https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/12/its-christmas-at-chg Mon, 16 Dec 2013 03:26:35 GMT
2013 WA State CX Championships https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/11/2013-wa-state-cx-championships It sure doesn't seem like it's been a year since we saw Ciara & her Rad Racing companions kicking some tail at the Washington State CX Championships, yet here we are again in Arlington in 2013 to face the sun, the cold, & the mud!  Since you're already here, take a peek at Ciara's and other Rad Racer's hard work below.  Go Rad!

WAstateCX-1018WAstateCX-1018 WAstateCX-1013WAstateCX-1013 WAstateCX-1017WAstateCX-1017 WAstateCX-1001WAstateCX-1001 WAstateCX-1006WAstateCX-1006 WAstateCX-1031WAstateCX-1031 WAstateCX-1037WAstateCX-1037 WAstateCX-1045WAstateCX-1045 WAstateCX-1049WAstateCX-1049 WAstateCX-1051WAstateCX-1051 WAstateCX-1059WAstateCX-1059 WAstateCX-1064WAstateCX-1064 WAstateCX-1070WAstateCX-1070 WAstateCX-1071WAstateCX-1071 WAstateCX-1072WAstateCX-1072 WAstateCX-1073WAstateCX-1073 WAstateCX-1076WAstateCX-1076 WAstateCX-1079WAstateCX-1079 WAstateCX-1084WAstateCX-1084 WAstateCX-1094WAstateCX-1094 WAstateCX-1101WAstateCX-1101 WAstateCX-1105WAstateCX-1105 WAstateCX-1106WAstateCX-1106 WAstateCX-1108WAstateCX-1108 WAstateCX-1114WAstateCX-1114 WAstateCX-1103WAstateCX-1103 WAstateCX-1100WAstateCX-1100 WAstateCX-1175WAstateCX-1175 WAstateCX-1173WAstateCX-1173 WAstateCX-1178WAstateCX-1178

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Arlington CX Championship Cold Cyclocross Mud Rad Racing TimmyShoes Photography Washington https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/11/2013-wa-state-cx-championships Thu, 28 Nov 2013 02:06:17 GMT
Chilly Soccer Days https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/11/chilly-soccer-days I don't know who's more tough: the kids running running around in not much more than a thin layer of clothes, or parents (and little sisters...) hanging out on the sidelines.  Either way, they both show immense dedication to this fall sport.  Also, a little hot cocoa can't hurt as well.  Check out Tanner as he rocks the field on this chilly day!

Madsen Soccer-1004Madsen Soccer-1004 Madsen Soccer-1008Madsen Soccer-1008 Madsen Soccer-1014Madsen Soccer-1014 Madsen Soccer-1020Madsen Soccer-1020 Madsen Soccer-1024Madsen Soccer-1024 Madsen Soccer-1025Madsen Soccer-1025 Madsen Soccer-1028Madsen Soccer-1028 Madsen Soccer-1029Madsen Soccer-1029 Madsen Soccer-1031Madsen Soccer-1031 Madsen Soccer-1034Madsen Soccer-1034 Madsen Soccer-1038Madsen Soccer-1038 Madsen Soccer-1039Madsen Soccer-1039 Madsen Soccer-1041Madsen Soccer-1041 Madsen Soccer-1045Madsen Soccer-1045 Madsen Soccer-1049Madsen Soccer-1049

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) 9 Chilly Fall First Creek Middle School Soccer Tacoma TimmyShoes Photography https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/11/chilly-soccer-days Wed, 20 Nov 2013 05:36:52 GMT
A Foggy Autumn Day with the McKeown Family https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/11/a-foggy-autumn-day-with-the-mckeown-family Autumn in Washington is a wonderful time & place to be outdoors: The inviting colors of the changing leaves, the mellow temperatures, and the unforgiving fog!  It seemed as if it just wouldn't let loose it's grasp on this Pacific Northwest day.  That didn't stop the McKeowns though, they were willing to give it a shot, and I'm so glad they did, as the results are some genuinely fun shots of this family!

McKeown-1000McKeown-1000 McKeown-1007McKeown-1007 McKeown-1012McKeown-1012 McKeown-1038McKeown-1038 McKeown-1022McKeown-1022 McKeown-1045McKeown-1045             McKeown-1046McKeown-1046 McKeown-1051McKeown-1051 McKeown-1061McKeown-1061 McKeown-1064McKeown-1064

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Autumn Fall Family Fog McKeown Tacoma TimmyShoes Photography Wright Park https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/11/a-foggy-autumn-day-with-the-mckeown-family Wed, 06 Nov 2013 03:59:29 GMT
Baker Family https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/10/baker-family Man oh man, was the Baker family's session a hoot!  From being surrounded by cows that were a little too friendly (turns out they were hungry for apples), to the challenges of an electric eye vs. chewing gum, a couple of wardrobe  casualties, and the classic cow pie encounter, we had one good laugh after another.  Cheers to the Bakers, who are willing to put up with a little mud to get big results!

Baker-1035Baker-1035 Baker-1010Baker-1010 Baker-1004Baker-1004 Baker-1034Baker-1034 Baker-1021Baker-1021 Baker-1019Baker-1019

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Baker Barn Cow Pie Family Graham TimmyShoes Photography https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/10/baker-family Wed, 30 Oct 2013 17:00:00 GMT
Clairese Class of 2014 https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/10/clairese-class-of-2014 2014 look out, here comes Clairese!  I had such a wonderful time with this beautiful young lady and her mother during her photo session; Clairese was all smiles and happy to be there.  She didn't even put up a fuss when crawling into the damp pile of leaves, and jumped right in!  That kind of "go get 'em" attitude will get you far in life kiddo, keep up the good work.  Congratulations Clairese, we wish you well in your future ventures!

Clairese-1000Clairese-1000 Clairese-1009Clairese-1009 Clairese-1023Clairese-1023 Clairese-1031Clairese-1031 Clairese-1042Clairese-1042 Clairese-1046Clairese-1046 Clairese-1060Clairese-1060 Clairese-1063Clairese-1063 Clairese-1072Clairese-1072
Clairese-1075Clairese-1075 Clairese-1078Clairese-1078 Clairese-1084Clairese-1084

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Autumn Clairese Class of 2014 Fall Senior Tacoma TimmyShoes Photography Wright Park https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/10/clairese-class-of-2014 Mon, 28 Oct 2013 02:38:39 GMT
Denton Class of 2014 https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/10/denton-class-of-2014 Say hello to Denton!  To visit this kid, you'll have to head east over the mountains, deep into Cougar Country, and all the way to Pullman Washington.  Graduating class of 2014 from Pullman High School, Denton competes with his cross country team, and likes to partake in the general shenanigans of kids this age (insert 'winky' emoticon of choice here).  All kidding aside, Denton is pretty awesome in general, and we can't wait to see what he achieves, as the general challenges of life are thrown his way!  Congrats Denton, keep on keepin' on.

Denton-1001Denton-1001 Denton-1006Denton-1006 Denton-1029Denton-1029 Denton-1044Denton-1044 Denton-1013Denton-1013 Denton-1061Denton-1061 Denton-1080Denton-1080 Denton-1091Denton-1091 Denton-1110Denton-1110

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Cross Country Denton Pullman Senior Steptoe Butte TimmyShoes Photography https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/10/denton-class-of-2014 Sat, 26 Oct 2013 04:48:43 GMT
Rock & Pizza at Louie G's Pizzeria https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/9/rock-pizza-at-louie-gs-pizzeria Local music isn't just limited to Seattle, or at least don't tell that to Louie G's!  This place really knows how to put on a show!  In addition to what I already knew was going to be a rad show, one of the coolest things I have ever seen at a show happend!  Alabaster invited what has got to be their youngest fan, up on stage to perform their song "Overcome" with them.  This kid blew it away! This show had a sad side as well, but also an extra special place in everyone's heart, as it was Alabaster's last all ages performance.  Sad times for sure.  But weather it's a show stopping power outage, tardy band members, or one of your favorite bands calling it quits, we still march on, and rock on!  Check out The Derby Scheme, Peace Mercutio, Kight, Alabaster, & True Holland in action below!


The Derby Scheme


Peace Mercutio






True Holland

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Alabaster Fife Kight Louie G's Pizzeria Peace Mercutio The Derby Scheme TimmyShoes Photography True Holland https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/9/rock-pizza-at-louie-gs-pizzeria Sun, 29 Sep 2013 21:44:32 GMT
SCX Cyclocross Stage 1 McCollum Park https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/9/scx-cyclocross-stage-1-mccollum-park Rad Racing is at it again, but this time they've headed a bit further north, to participate in the SCX Cyclocross Stage 1 event at McCollum Park in Everett.  And with this time of year you can expect questionable weather, which means lots of wind, rain, & mud!  Of course we think that's half the reason they're here in the first place.  Check out some of the fun below!

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Everett Rad Racing SCX Cyclocross Stage 1 McCollum Park TimmyShoes Photography https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/9/scx-cyclocross-stage-1-mccollum-park Wed, 25 Sep 2013 05:02:16 GMT
Married on the Sound https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/9/yufeng-xiaoji Yufeng & Xiaoji are two of the nicest, and most respectful people I have ever met, and nothing made me happier than to be able to shoot at their wedding. It's not often when a couple decides to get married on a boat, but that's exactly what they did, with the ceremony performed by the captain none the less!  Clear skies, warm temps, and calm water made this a very cool, and comfortable day trip, and a beautiful wedding.  Yufeng & Xiaoji, you are both truly wonderful people, we wish you many happy years together!

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Argosy Boat Puget Sound Seattle TimmyShoes Photography Wedding Xiaoji Yufeng https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/9/yufeng-xiaoji Mon, 16 Sep 2013 13:08:22 GMT
Hannah & Jacob Have Gone and Got Themselves Hitched! https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/9/hannah-jacob-have-gone-and-got-themselves-hitched Tucked away in the quiet park of Millersylvania was an incredible, secret little place for Jacob & Hanna to commit their love to each other.  Weather and location were in cahoots on this day to make their wedding perfect, and they took full advantage of it!  With smiles & lemonade being passed all around, this really was a remarkable day, and our best wishes go out to Jacob and Hannah!

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Hannah Jacob Jacob & Hannah Millersylvania Park TimmyShoes Photography Wedding https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/9/hannah-jacob-have-gone-and-got-themselves-hitched Sun, 08 Sep 2013 03:14:32 GMT
Six Months Old and Already a Beautiful Little Girl https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/9/six-months-and-beautiful Six months old, and bursting with an uncontrollable level of adorable smushy cuteness, Jayden is here to take on the world.  And boy, what a trooper she was!  From the field, to the ottoman, to the ginormous chair, she performed like a little star.  By the time the basket rolled out, it was time for a little sleepy-bye, and even in her sleep she's a little darling!  What a delightful way to spend a Sunday morning.

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Baby Jaden Six Months TimmyShoes Photography https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/9/six-months-and-beautiful Thu, 05 Sep 2013 05:47:00 GMT
Congratulations MJ & Kelly, It's Official! https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/9/congratulations-mj-kelly-its-official Steilacoom Town Hall was a buzz on this particular sunny Saturday, as MJ & Kelly take a big step in their life together.  With their four children, family, and friends in attendance, they couldn't help but smile; and who could blame them? A big solid congrats is due to MJ and Kelly, you two are both amazing people, and we wish you a long and happy marriage!

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) Kelly MJ MJ & Kelly Steilacoom Steilacoom Town Hall TimmyShoes Photography marriage wedding https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/9/congratulations-mj-kelly-its-official Thu, 05 Sep 2013 05:26:57 GMT
Picture in Print! https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/9/picture-in-print These are exciting times indeed!  This may be a slightly late post, but behold: our first picture in a publication!  Metal Construction News magazine's August 2013 issue used our picture of Charles Grouws, president of CHG Building Systems Inc., for an article on their formula for running a successful construction company.  Way to go CHG, keep on rockin' it in the Pacific Northwest!

The Northwest School

[email protected] (TimmyShoes Photography) CHG Building Systems Charles Grouws Metal Construction News TimmyShoes Photography article magazine publication published https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/9/picture-in-print Mon, 02 Sep 2013 18:47:06 GMT
Seven is the New Six https://www.timmyshoesphotography.com/blog/2013/8/seven-is-the-new-six As six rolled into seven, Asher didn't let another year under his belt get him down.  What better way to keep feeling young, than a Minecraft themed birthday? Presents, and ice cream & cake (and cake) were just what the doctor ordered to keep this little chap's joints from getting stiff.  Happy birthday Asher!