What's Even More Cute Than A Button?

~ Say hello to Quinn: a brand spankin' new little baby boy, filled with snips, snails, puppy dog tails, and all that jazz!  This little guy just joined us about a month ago, and he's wasting no time being cute as a button, or maybe even more cute (after all, buttons aren't really all that cute).  Sleeping, crying, eating, pooping, and keeping Mom & Dad up at night is the name of his game.  At least with both a big brother and a big sister and home, he already has some peeps ready to show him the ropes, and keep him out of some trouble.  Welcome to the world kiddo, it's loud, and it's kinda crazy here, so hold on to your britches! ~

Quinn-1011Quinn-1011 Quinn-1023Quinn-1023 Quinn-1001Quinn-1001 Quinn-1006Quinn-1006 Quinn-1028Quinn-1028 Quinn-1017Quinn-1017 Quinn-1002Quinn-1002 Quinn-1025Quinn-1025 Quinn-1033Quinn-1033 Quinn-1014Quinn-1014


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