Denton Class of 2014

Say hello to Denton!  To visit this kid, you'll have to head east over the mountains, deep into Cougar Country, and all the way to Pullman Washington.  Graduating class of 2014 from Pullman High School, Denton competes with his cross country team, and likes to partake in the general shenanigans of kids this age (insert 'winky' emoticon of choice here).  All kidding aside, Denton is pretty awesome in general, and we can't wait to see what he achieves, as the general challenges of life are thrown his way!  Congrats Denton, keep on keepin' on.

Denton-1001Denton-1001 Denton-1006Denton-1006 Denton-1029Denton-1029 Denton-1044Denton-1044 Denton-1013Denton-1013 Denton-1061Denton-1061 Denton-1080Denton-1080 Denton-1091Denton-1091 Denton-1110Denton-1110


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