Rock & Pizza at Louie G's Pizzeria

Local music isn't just limited to Seattle, or at least don't tell that to Louie G's!  This place really knows how to put on a show!  In addition to what I already knew was going to be a rad show, one of the coolest things I have ever seen at a show happend!  Alabaster invited what has got to be their youngest fan, up on stage to perform their song "Overcome" with them.  This kid blew it away! This show had a sad side as well, but also an extra special place in everyone's heart, as it was Alabaster's last all ages performance.  Sad times for sure.  But weather it's a show stopping power outage, tardy band members, or one of your favorite bands calling it quits, we still march on, and rock on!  Check out The Derby Scheme, Peace Mercutio, Kight, Alabaster, & True Holland in action below!


The Derby Scheme


Peace Mercutio






True Holland


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