Clairese Class of 2014

2014 look out, here comes Clairese!  I had such a wonderful time with this beautiful young lady and her mother during her photo session; Clairese was all smiles and happy to be there.  She didn't even put up a fuss when crawling into the damp pile of leaves, and jumped right in!  That kind of "go get 'em" attitude will get you far in life kiddo, keep up the good work.  Congratulations Clairese, we wish you well in your future ventures!

Clairese-1000Clairese-1000 Clairese-1009Clairese-1009 Clairese-1023Clairese-1023 Clairese-1031Clairese-1031 Clairese-1042Clairese-1042 Clairese-1046Clairese-1046 Clairese-1060Clairese-1060 Clairese-1063Clairese-1063 Clairese-1072Clairese-1072
Clairese-1075Clairese-1075 Clairese-1078Clairese-1078 Clairese-1084Clairese-1084


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Thank you MJ, I'm so happy you like them!
These look great Tim! Thanks, :)
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