What Are We Having?

How would you tell your friends and family if you were having a boy or a girl?  You could bake a cake filled with a color of frosting that is associated with one or the other, then cut it up and serve it to your guests...  What an awesome idea! A big congratulations are in order to Alan and Christie on the forthcoming addition to the family!  Check below to see the exciting results for yourself...

Baby Reveal Party-1003Baby Reveal Party-1003 Baby Reveal Party-1002Baby Reveal Party-1002 Baby Reveal Party-1009Baby Reveal Party-1009 Baby Reveal Party-1012Baby Reveal Party-1012 Baby Reveal Party-1020Baby Reveal Party-1020 Baby Reveal Party-1021Baby Reveal Party-1021 Baby Reveal Party-1022Baby Reveal Party-1022 Baby Reveal Party-1031Baby Reveal Party-1031 Baby Reveal Party-1033Baby Reveal Party-1033 Baby Reveal Party-1034Baby Reveal Party-1034 Baby Reveal Party-1042Baby Reveal Party-1042


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