Emery's The Weak's End Tour - Seattle

~ Emery is back on the road to celebrate ten years since the release of their first album The Weak's End, and their first stop is Seattle's own El Corazon.  Running the gambit of highways and clubs on this tour as well is The Classic Crime's Matt MacDonald, This Wild Life, and Peace Mercutio, along with Shoreline Drive.  Every band set is stripped down and acoustic, in build-up to Emery playing The Weak's End from front to back!  Also in a very cool and intimate approach to a tour, Emery is also interacting with their fans in Q&A sessions between other bands sets, giving their devotees a one of a kind chance to ask questions the guys they have been looking up to for a decade.  Check out some of the moments from the show ~



El Corazon 1-24-14-1055El Corazon 1-24-14-1055

El Corazon 1-24-14-1092El Corazon 1-24-14-1092 El Corazon 1-24-14-1090El Corazon 1-24-14-1090 El Corazon 1-24-14-1114El Corazon 1-24-14-1114 El Corazon 1-24-14-1100El Corazon 1-24-14-1100 El Corazon 1-24-14-1009El Corazon 1-24-14-1009 El Corazon 1-24-14-1110El Corazon 1-24-14-1110 El Corazon 1-24-14-1120El Corazon 1-24-14-1120 El Corazon 1-24-14-1108El Corazon 1-24-14-1108 El Corazon 1-24-14-1106El Corazon 1-24-14-1106 El Corazon 1-24-14-1111El Corazon 1-24-14-1111


The Classic Crime

El Corazon 1-24-14-1073El Corazon 1-24-14-1073 El Corazon 1-24-14-1076El Corazon 1-24-14-1076 El Corazon 1-24-14-1088El Corazon 1-24-14-1088 El Corazon 1-24-14-1085El Corazon 1-24-14-1085 El Corazon 1-24-14-1078El Corazon 1-24-14-1078


This Wild Life

El Corazon 1-24-14-1072El Corazon 1-24-14-1072 El Corazon 1-24-14-1058El Corazon 1-24-14-1058 El Corazon 1-24-14-1071El Corazon 1-24-14-1071 El Corazon 1-24-14-1062El Corazon 1-24-14-1062 El Corazon 1-24-14-1068El Corazon 1-24-14-1068 El Corazon 1-24-14-1061El Corazon 1-24-14-1061 El Corazon 1-24-14-1066El Corazon 1-24-14-1066


Peace Mercutio El Corazon 1-24-14-1005El Corazon 1-24-14-1005 El Corazon 1-24-14-1039El Corazon 1-24-14-1039

El Corazon 1-24-14-1028El Corazon 1-24-14-1028 El Corazon 1-24-14-1035El Corazon 1-24-14-1035 El Corazon 1-24-14-1043El Corazon 1-24-14-1043 El Corazon 1-24-14-1045El Corazon 1-24-14-1045 El Corazon 1-24-14-1048El Corazon 1-24-14-1048 El Corazon 1-24-14-1034El Corazon 1-24-14-1034 El Corazon 1-24-14-1036El Corazon 1-24-14-1036 El Corazon 1-24-14-1010El Corazon 1-24-14-1010 El Corazon 1-24-14-1027El Corazon 1-24-14-1027


Shoreline Drive

El Corazon 1-24-14-1002El Corazon 1-24-14-1002 El Corazon 1-24-14-1015El Corazon 1-24-14-1015 El Corazon 1-24-14-1021El Corazon 1-24-14-1021 El Corazon 1-24-14-1020El Corazon 1-24-14-1020 El Corazon 1-24-14-1024El Corazon 1-24-14-1024 El Corazon 1-24-14-1022El Corazon 1-24-14-1022 El Corazon 1-24-14-1019El Corazon 1-24-14-1019


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