Dan & Katie Are Engaged

~ Rain in Seattle is certainly considered classic Pacific Northwest weather, but not even this common meteorological occurrence could stop Dan and Katie from celebrating their love for each other, and sharing their excitement for their upcoming nuptials!  Congratulations guys! ~

D&K Engagement-1001D&K Engagement-1001

D&K Engagement-1013D&K Engagement-1013 D&K Engagement-1016D&K Engagement-1016 D&K Engagement-1011D&K Engagement-1011 D&K Engagement-1017D&K Engagement-1017 D&K Engagement-1020D&K Engagement-1020 D&K Engagement-1022D&K Engagement-1022 D&K Engagement-1029D&K Engagement-1029 D&K Engagement-1026D&K Engagement-1026 D&K Engagement-1030D&K Engagement-1030 D&K Engagement-1032D&K Engagement-1032 D&K Engagement-1040D&K Engagement-1040 D&K Engagement-1051D&K Engagement-1051



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