The Sweet, Sweet Sounds of Rock in Fremont

~ If you been in Fremont on a Friday night, you've probably heard melodies wafting down North 36th Street, from the door of a little place called the High Dive.  We recently hit this venue up, and were fortunate enough to catch some of the amazing music created by local bands such as The Wild, Moments, Joyfield, and American Island (one of my personal favorites).  If you get a chance, you should definitely get off your rear, and check each of these guys out! ~


The Wild

HighD-1003HighD-1003The Wild HighD-1010HighD-1010The Wild HighD-1012HighD-1012The Wild



HighD-1026HighD-1026Moments HighD-1018HighD-1018Moments HighD-1015HighD-1015Moments HighD-1039HighD-1039Moments HighD-1014HighD-1014Moments HighD-1035HighD-1035Moments HighD-1023HighD-1023Moments HighD-1030HighD-1030Moments HighD-1021HighD-1021Moments



HighD-1048HighD-1048Joyfield HighD-1059HighD-1059Joyfield HighD-1046HighD-1046Joyfield HighD-1055HighD-1055Joyfield HighD-1050HighD-1050Joyfield HighD-1041HighD-1041Joyfield HighD-1053HighD-1053Joyfield


American Island

HighD-1073HighD-1073American Island HighD-1061HighD-1061American Island HighD-1068HighD-1068American Island HighD-1064HighD-1064American Island HighD-1066HighD-1066American Island HighD-1070HighD-1070American Island


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