Seven and Counting

~ It's hard to believe it's already been a year since we last saw little Riley, but lo and behold, he's turning seven already!  His "likes" include playing in the snow, hanging with mom, and drinking hot chocolate.  Ok, so he didn't have much of a choice on this day, but he did great and was a real trooper in the cold.  Happy birthday Riley; keep it cool! *zing ~

Riley Seven-1012Riley Seven-1012 Riley Seven-1008Riley Seven-1008 Riley Seven-1017Riley Seven-1017 Riley Seven-1024Riley Seven-1024 Riley Seven-1033Riley Seven-1033 Riley Seven-1035Riley Seven-1035 Riley Seven-1040Riley Seven-1040 Riley Seven-1043Riley Seven-1043 Riley Seven-1046Riley Seven-1046 Riley Seven-1050Riley Seven-1050 Riley Seven-1054Riley Seven-1054 Riley Seven-1056Riley Seven-1056 Riley Seven-1062Riley Seven-1062


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