KGRG New Music Showcase at Green River Community College

~ Local musicians have long fought the battle to get their music to eager ears, and with venues opening and closing faster than a jackrabbit in heat, or just needing to know who's back to scratch, it can be tough just to find a place to play. KGRG's New Music Showcase at Green River Community college was an awesome way for these talented artists to get together with like minds, a target audience, and rock the night away!  Thanks to all the bands for the sweet tunes, and special thanks to KGRG for letting these guys go at it. ~

The Bomb Shelter

KGRG NMS-1064KGRG NMS-1064The Bomb Shelter KGRG NMS-1069KGRG NMS-1069The Bomb Shelter KGRG NMS-1058KGRG NMS-1058The Bomb Shelter KGRG NMS-1052KGRG NMS-1052The Bomb Shelter KGRG NMS-1054KGRG NMS-1054The Bomb Shelter KGRG NMS-1067KGRG NMS-1067The Bomb Shelter



KGRG NMS-1034KGRG NMS-1034Moments KGRG NMS-1028KGRG NMS-1028Moments KGRG NMS-1040KGRG NMS-1040Moments KGRG NMS-1031KGRG NMS-1031Moments KGRG NMS-1043KGRG NMS-1043Moments


Oranges From the President

KGRG NMS-1021KGRG NMS-1021Oranges From the President KGRG NMS-1026KGRG NMS-1026Oranges From the President KGRG NMS-1011KGRG NMS-1011Oranges From the President KGRG NMS-1012KGRG NMS-1012Oranges From the President


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