Naughty or Nice?

I love Christmas, it's arguably my favorite time of the year, with all of the delicious food, late night shopping, threats of snow & ice, beautifully wrapped presents, houses glowing with strings of lights; I could go on forever.  And, what else can say "Merry Christmas" quite like a batch of naughty gingerbread men.  Ok quite a few things, but somebody in our household is pretty pleased with themselves for thinking up this little gem. Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas to you all, and if you're lucky, you could just find one of these heading your way!

Gingerbread-1001Gingerbread-1001 Gingerbread-1002Gingerbread-1002 Gingerbread-1003Gingerbread-1003 Gingerbread-1004Gingerbread-1004 Gingerbread-1005Gingerbread-1005 Gingerbread-1006Gingerbread-1006 Gingerbread-1007Gingerbread-1007 Gingerbread-1008Gingerbread-1008 Gingerbread-1009Gingerbread-1009


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