A Foggy Autumn Day with the McKeown Family

Autumn in Washington is a wonderful time & place to be outdoors: The inviting colors of the changing leaves, the mellow temperatures, and the unforgiving fog!  It seemed as if it just wouldn't let loose it's grasp on this Pacific Northwest day.  That didn't stop the McKeowns though, they were willing to give it a shot, and I'm so glad they did, as the results are some genuinely fun shots of this family!

McKeown-1000McKeown-1000 McKeown-1007McKeown-1007 McKeown-1012McKeown-1012 McKeown-1038McKeown-1038 McKeown-1022McKeown-1022 McKeown-1045McKeown-1045             McKeown-1046McKeown-1046 McKeown-1051McKeown-1051 McKeown-1061McKeown-1061 McKeown-1064McKeown-1064


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